A Prophetic Word for the U.K. and U.S.A.


Word for the United Kingdom and the nation of America!

Watch for the 7 Spirits of God are now moving mightily in the midst of demonic mayhem and demonic madness!

Early this morning I was awoken to pray again for both of these great nations.  As I began to cry out, I saw a large red bulls-eye drawn at the center of both of these nations.  Then I saw satan unleash his most powerful demonic tormentors to many people in these two great nations.

As I continued to pray, suddenly I heard a voice in the realm of the spirit.  It was the voice of the enemy.  I listened as he shouted his marching orders to the armies of darkness.

I heard him say, “Go forth, move quickly, the time is short, look for an open door and take dominion, don’t waste time we are loosing ground!”

As I stayed in the place of prayer, I watched as the demons scattered in 1000 different directions looking for access through an open door.  I noticed immediately that the demons were drawn to those who were walking in fear and unbelief.

I watched as they quickly took ground, causing these fearful ones to become even more fearful.  Many suffered debilitating panic attacks, their minds tormented by thoughts of death and darkness.

Then next I watched as the demons targeted the weak, the weary and the worriers.  The demons operated quickly and strategically.  Their mission was to find an open doorway and when they did, they moved like lightning and without hesitation.

I listened as the demons screamed out words of defeat, destruction and impending death that would come.  Then there were other demons that carefully listened for those who were coming into agreement with words of criticism and judgement.  I could see that the demons grew in even greater power and strength as they latched onto every negative report and every negative word of doubt and fear.

It was like watching a demonic feeding frenzy where demonic madness and demonic mayhem took hold of many that had open doors.  I watched as the minds and the hearts of thousands in both nations were quickly infiltrated and effected by this ruthless and powerful demonic attack.

But then suddenly I felt something begin to shift!

I heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind and I saw a bright light coming out of the heavens.  As I looked again towards the light, I saw a whirlwind of fire that moved with great power, great force and great precision.

Then I heard a voice from heaven that said, “Beloved fear not.  Watch, for My 7 spirits are now moving mightily in the midst of demonic mayhem and demonic madness.  My whirlwind of fire comes to redeem the time, to restore order and to establish My Kingdom rule upon the earth.”

As I heard these words, suddenly I heard the sound of many doors slamming shut and I watched as the demons fled.  They shrieked in terror as the mighty whirlwind of fire moved swiftly across both nations.

Then again I heard the spirit say, “Fear not, for new vision, greater provision and divine intervention is now breaking forth in the midst of increasing darkness, demonic attacks and bad reports.

My spirit of might and strength comes in the whirlwind of fire to reignite and revive the weak and the weary that have been standing and fighting on the front lines of battle.

My spirit of wisdom and counsel comes to release and reveal new strategy and Kingdom solutions, for in this season, My sons and daughters will now begin to wage war in a new way for a new day is dawning and a new kingdom age is birthing.

Now be still and be of good courage, for even in the midst of increasing chaos and confusion, I shall make known My power, My glory and My authority through the whirlwind of fire!”

“Beloved, arise, be ready, for My Spirit of power and understanding comes to unveil, uncover and expose every lie, scheme and tactic of the enemy that has created open doorways and easy access for the spirit of death and destruction to move.

Watch!  As My whirlwind of fire now comes to revive and awaken My people to their true Kingdom identity, authority and Kingdom destiny in this hour,”  says God

“Watch!  As a divine exchange takes place.  No longer will the spirit of deception and heaviness shroud the people causing them to stumble and fall in the darkness.

See! My radical worshippers and reformers are now emerging from the shadows and the caves of isolation, fear and loneliness.  Nothing will stand against this mighty movement.  Nothing will halt or hinder the advancement of this new breed of dangerous ones that I have called, anointed and appointed for such a time as this.

Even now in the midst of this powerful demonic invasion,” says God, “The spirit of the fear of the LORD is shifting, shaking and lifting the heavy atmosphere of death, darkness and destruction that has suffocated and stifled.

I shall not be mocked, but I shall fulfill My covenant promises in this hour.  Surely I tell you, satan is loosing ground, for My mighty warriors and My Kingdom works are advancing and being accelerated throughout the land.

Listen!  For the power and the sound of My roar is removing the mountains that have stood before My people, and the radiance and brilliance of My light and glory is breaking forth like mighty waves over the sons and daughters of light, life and liberty.

And the feet of My righteous ones are being securely anchored to the rock which is immovable and unshakable.

Beloved, instead of sinking sand, I will cause you to watch as the power of My radical love goes forth in greater power and authority upon the earth to dismantle and overturn every throne of darkness, wickedness and stronghold of division and indifference in these nations,”  says God.

“This is not the end but only the beginning,”  says God.

Friends, it is time to invite His whirlwind of fire to invade and inhabit your life, family and nation in this hour.

Call forth and make room for the 7 Spirits of God to come to occupy and establish the Kingdom of heaven upon the earth in this season.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Prophetic Word for the U.K. and U.S.A. — 4 Comments

  1. Veronika I know The Holy Spirit led me to your page. What you have written above is exactly what I have been struggling with. It has been very hard to talk about it I didn’t want to give life to it. When I have spoken to my husband about it it has been so hard to explain. You have explained it for me. I knew it was an attack It has been a raging war betwixt two. I have been wanting to know what to do. How do I shut the door! I was miraculously healed 18 months ago and am walking in my healing however fear gripped me right away due to the days were living in. It was right around when everyone was talking about the blood moons and preparing for judgement upon America. I then fought my way out of that fear coming into agreement with the Holy Spirit of no material what is coming God is with me but I am attacked by fear, doubt, unbelief, confusion I fight but feel like a weak warrior. I’m not going to give up I wasn’t born to be any other then a child of God. What must I do to shut this door or will it be the Mighty rushing wind of fire I must wait for!

  2. WHAT AN ENCOURAGING WORD! I am the one coming out of the cave of isolation with a death wish. I can feel God moving in my life! HALLELUJAH!

  3. I’ll be calling forth His seven spirits. I was overwhelmed with anxiety this summer. I need His strength in this hour.

  4. Thank you Veronica, for these powerful words of hope and encouragement from the Father for our America and the UK.