The LORD spoke to me “Doxology

Then the LORD said:

“Sing to Me a song of ascent!  Sing to Me praises.  For I AM your Deliverer and I AM coming on the wings of the wind!

I AM coming to make deliverance for the bondage of My people.

I AM coming to destroy the ramparts of darkness!

I AM going into the dark places of the earth, and they will cough up salvation.  I will send many of you to various places and on assignments as stealth bombers! Hidden in My love and under the shadow of My wings, and the enemy will be scattered!

I will ARISE! I will FIGHT for you!  Believe and SPEAK MY WORD!  For it has LIFE when it is empowered by My people!

Speak it over your loved ones and plead the BLOOD of Yeshua!  Then I will sing to them a new song!  I will sing over them!

I will woo them to My side and dangle them on My knees!  I will make the crooked paths straight and I will disassemble the work of the enemy in their lives!  I will lead them into paths of righteousness for My names sake!


I AM the First and the Last, the Beginning and the END!  I AM the GREAT I AM!  I AM the ALL CONSUMING FIRE, and MY FIRE IS FLOWING like a river to you My beloveds.

I AM cleansing and healing,  I AM delivering and freeing you from all the strategies of the enemy.  I will UNCAGE you and let you speak the TRUTH to those I send you to ! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEIR FACES!

For I will send some of you BACK into the lions’ dens and the haunts of jackals and you will speak MY PRONOUNCEMENTS, and the earth will tremble!  Let ME lead you and guide you. Do only as I say to do.  No more, and no less!  DO NOT BACK OFF from their stares and unbelief!

I will empower you with the Spirit of MIGHT and you will not be afraid for I AM WITH YOU!  Only speak in LOVE, and do not defend yourself to them.  Speak and if they don’t receive it, kick the dust out from under your feet and walk.  Go to your next assignment FREE of any fear of reprisal.  For I WILL DEFEND YOU.  I will make your face as FLINT!

I AM RAISING UP My DREAD CHAMPIONS.  I will pour out My Spirit and I will have a church that is filled once again with the Spirit of the FEAR OF THE LORD!

Just PRAISE ME and spend time with ME in the WORD, for I AM opening up books of secrets kept for some time.  I AM opening up books of revelation and wisdom.  I will pour out into those who are willing to come aside and to wait on ME.  For darkness is filling the earth.  AND IT IS TIME to FILL YOU UP with MORE OF ME!  I desire obedience and not sacrifice!

I AM weeding out the garden of your soul and you will come forth as GOLD!  I will do a perfect and mysterious work in this hour!  Just come to ME My loves!

Come I AM waiting for you!  I LONG TO HAVE YOU IN MY ARMS!  I AM JEALOUS FOR YOU!  Come to ME.  YOU will OVERCOME by the power of your testimony and the BLOOD of the LAMB slain for the sins of the world!

I AM WITH YOU!  I AM WITH YOU!  DO NOT THINK I HAVE GONE ANYWHERE.  Just as I was with those in the furnace of Babylon, I AM with you, no matter where you go!

Do not entertain defeatism!  Do not entertain discouragement!  THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB IS STILL POWERFUL AND LIVING AND ENOUGH TO HEAL AND SAVE ! LET ME LOVE ON YOU AND DESTROY all that would keep you from intimacy with ME, and the fullness of your destiny.

Doxology: dox•ol•o•gy Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin doxologia, from Late Greek, from Greek doxa opinion, glory (from dokein to seem, seem good) + -logia -logy : a usually liturgical expression of praise to God

See Psalm 18:3-14 NKJV


~ Priscilla

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