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A Prophetic Word to America… — 3 Comments

  1. Powerful word brother Ken, today while at work, as I battle none stop the enemy of our mind and souls, I started seeking the Lord in prayer in my mind and I saw the Lord showing me the same exact thing, today!

    How amazing is that? I mean 100% true! Praise and Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, the alpha and omega.

    No amount of witchcraft, voodoo, sacrifices, planes, tanks, underground, above ground, noble heritage, sattelites, technology, aliens or Babylon, ancient families or Massons or secret orders or any Government, can compare to the Glory and Power of the Most High God and Life that was purchased by the blood of Jesus, the son of the Living God is the ONE and ONLY salvation way into heaven, by grace it was given through Jesus Christ, by God on the cross, *John 3:16, “As far as East from West” *John 5-24.

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