The Rise in False Teachings & Leadership!

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Beware: The Friend is a Foe

Today was a day that the LORD just wanted me to be to myself so I could just listen.

He told me to get in the car and drive, and don’t take anybody.  “Don’t tell anybody where you going just get in your car and drive,” and I did ended up in a quiet place and God dealt with me so heavily today.

I’m in awe as to what is about to happen and how He shall supernaturally move for His people.  There are those experiencing such a move of God this week and blessings are flowing.  Sometimes people are reluctant to voice their blessings because of the leeches or jealous persons coming against them, but I’m taking authority over that spirit that has the people fearful of testifying about the goodness of God.

I rebuke the manipulated greedy leeching spirit  I rebuke the false burden and conniving spirits that come to rob steal and swindle the blessings out of God’s people.

I decree that nobody will hijack their finances and shut the door on the pirate spirit in Jesus name Amen!

People, never be afraid to testify of God’s goodness and blessings when those that come with deception approach you rebuke them.  If you don’t take authority over those spirits, you will forever be in lack and want.

Some people are assigned by satan to make sure that your blessings leave your hand quickly.  Stop giving into hands that you have not been authorized to sow into.

God dealt with me real good today about why some things are plaguing the lives of the people.  We have to hear God on everything, because we are in a time sensitive moment right now.  The Body of Christ is being overhaul and God is bringing forth a new awakening with His winds establishing His will.

The rain is falling but it has fire in it.  This move of God has unusual movement in it.  Things shall erupt in a way that people are definitely not expecting.

Many of your enemies shall bless you and people shall repent to each other, praying, because satan will attempt to overthrow people with sickness, but know you are HEALED!

I just heard the Spirit say that a sinister plot right now is being hatched against the United States, but the prayers of the righteous shall prevail because it’s not time for it to happen.  Who they think is a friend, is truly a foe fighting secretly against them.

Pray for Turkey, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan this week.

Pray for Nigeria Ethiopia also.  In special prayer for the eastern countries earthquakes in divers places is what I keep hearing.

Praying against deaths; unexplained, untimely deaths, car accidents, plane crashes, motorcycle accidents.

Praying against gas explosions, murder suicide pacts.

Watching praying standing guard!

Prayers are being released like missiles!

The Weight of God’s Presence

It’s here the manifestation of God’s majestic and awesome power!  His presence is continually overtaking us and bringing us into a greater awareness of who He exactly is.

I been sitting here on my couch as the power of God continues to overtake me and reveal.  Some persons are in a place right now of confusion concerning your life, because they can’t understand why, when they come around you, they begin to feel the power of God so heavy until they can’t stand up on their feet or they begin to cry or go into worship!

The weight of God’s presence on your life is so overwhelming to those that come before you.

They can’t understand why you’re quiet why you seem to be distance even in their presence why you have become more secluded from people why supernatural things are taking place in your life why blessings are following you everywhere you go why you are experiencing increase at a rapid rate.

They don’t know that you have been chosen to carry the glory and to release prophetic words that will change their life and make things brand new for them.  God is doing great things and causing increase more & more and establishing His name in the earth through His actions.

Get ready the Glory of God is coming to you and as you seek Him you will gain greater knowledge understanding and wisdom to be able to say and do what He has mandated you to do.

All morning I been singing that song, “I don’t mind waiting!”  Whenever He is about to do something great and grand He always gives me that song.  I’m waiting because it’s about to be a big manifestation!

A Great Rise in False Teachings & Leadership

There is a great rise of false teaching and corrupt leadership taking place.  There is much being uncovered in this hour concerning erroneous teaching and teachers.

Too many are falling for foolishness, just because of the voice that’s speaking instead of listening with their spiritual ear.  I’m seeing many who started out on the right path, now going into teachings and preaching that gives justification for sin and glorifies them as some kind of god or idol to the people.

Many have found a way to manipulate money and material gain by appeasing the flesh of the people, so that they will pour financial substance into their lives.

So many are preaching and teaching from a limited knowledge, because they don’t have a relationship with God they just using their gift to get over on the people.  The foundational teaching is being cast aside for what they say is new revelation that pulls the people heart away from the LORD.

Some are even disputing the written word of God that is established and creating their own bible and doctrines to fit their carnality and fleshly desires.  Instead of churches, they are establishing cults and creating followers for themselves and not disciples for Christ.

The church and the world is in serious trouble because of the overthrowing of holiness and righteousness that has been establish by God.  We are in the hour were we are embracing doctrines of devils giving heed to seducing spirits have itching ears and following false apostles and prophets.

People, we must make a decision to hear truth.  Open your spiritual ear and eyes.  Read the word for yourself.  Stop just getting excited about gifts and a person’s name!

Look at lifestyle attitudes behaviors.  What do they truly stand for?  Are they leading you to Christ are they teaching you standards of holiness and directing you in righteousness?

People, don’t be deceived see truth and not lies.  God woke me up and said my mandate and mission just got more intense against sin, injustice, unrighteousness, unholiness, rebellion and disobedience.

He told me, “Now My daughter, you will be more vocal against religious and self-righteous spirits, unruly behavior and questionable doctrines that goes against My word and character.”

He said,  “I’m raising warriors with new weapons and sharper swords to go throughout the earth.  They won’t back down neither will they close their mouth.

They will confront with no fear and quickly attack anything that will harm the people spiritually.  They are not afraid to speak the word with truth and will not back down from those in leadership that are leading the people astray.”

He said,  “You will be loved and hated, but neither are to distract you from your assignment.”

Keep up with God’s pace stay focus and aligned with His timing don’t be caught out of place.

Orders are being released and instructions are being given.  Don’t let people shake or move you.  Don’t worry about who leaves you in this hour exposure of hearts and attitudes is taking place and God is doing a major separation from those that are only trying to build platforms and names.

You will see an increase of the Jezebel/ Ahab Dysfunctional Operations, the Baphomet Horus Dagon activities, the manifestation of Abaddon and Apollyon, because people are selling themselves to the ways of satan to obtain fame and fortunes.

There is much misleading going forth and the deception is widespread in high governmental levels in the church and society.  Many in high political positions are involved in satanic activities and many in the Body of Christ are secretly practicing Wicca and various forms of divination.

Being more alert to the hour we are living in and knowing that wickedness is increasing should keep us walking in the Spirit and observing.

We not watching the signs and we not hearing what the Spirit of the LORD is saying!  It’s time to enter into the secret place of the most high God for real so that we can hear and see what God is doing and saying so that we won’t get caught up in the things being introduced practiced and accepted that goes against the will ways and Word of God!

People, really study Revelation now so you can truly know what time we are in!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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