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A River of Fire Flows From The Throne of Grace — 7 Comments

  1. Your prophetic words from the Lord are a blessing to me. As always, perfectly aligned with the very words I’ve spoken to the Lord. Or the very things He has placed within my spirit.I am so grateful for your obedience, Sister Deborah. May our precious Lord preserve you

  2. Hi Sis! Just wanted you to know, I also saw the Fire and Honey in a waterfall wave covering us!!! Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow! Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus! God Bless you Beloved!

    • Thank you,God and His prophet Deborah. Though I am surrounded by lots of enemies, I believe I am free in God. My soul is free and can soar to His throne. What’s better is that He is with me with fire and river with His angels helping. So I praise Him. I am not alone.

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