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Let’s Talk About the Balance We All Need — 2 Comments

  1. Good morning Joyce. That was refreshing. There is simplicity in Christ. That makes a good morning prayer. Lord help me to keep it simple, centered, and focused on you. Staying in His Word is key to our balancing our lives. We so need the Word to keep us on track.  So many voices crying out but we need to run to our Father first and hear Him. There used to be prayer before and after a meeting.  Thankyou!  Have a wonderful day. ❤️

    • Patricia, your welcome and thank you for coming by.
      You are so right about there used to be prayer before and after the meeting.
      My heart is for people to come back to the place of prayer and Bible searching.
      So many either through laxness or discouragement have left the battle.
      Love and appreciate you sister. ❤️

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