A Shattered and Fragmented Heart


Only God can remake and redeem a shattered heart.

It is just like a precious crystal vase when dropped, breaks into many pieces.  There are so many deeper depths, of this truth.

Being shattered comes with so many slivers that you cannot see.  We may be in such a place today, and it seems hopeless.  It has been such a long time, and other attempts you proved, futile.

However, once we resign to God’s will and look deeper, one can only fathom the dynamics of such an undertaking.

For unless we have walked through such times ourselves, how do we have substance in our walk of faith?

God wants to bring substance to our faith; our testimony.

Life comes with many lessons, and by growth, we are exercised to believe God’s word.

When we seek God and hear of others who were openly broken or shattered then miraculously healed; We ask ourselves, “What about me? What is wrong with me?”  His grace is sufficient beloved.

There are those who believe God, but circumstances make it seem impossible to be healed.  His grace is sufficient beloved.

We know and realize that when no man can fix us, that is when we learn that we must go deeper into the recesses of our soul and trust God.

It may be years of built up residue, but those slivers are still sharp as new.  We don’t allow ourselves to get too close.

We are afraid to be touched as our slivers are reminders of the hurt; and they still cut others.  His grace is sufficient beloved.

After going through so many prayer lines and prayer requests, inside we get to a place where we resign these things over to God.

We move on and throw what is easily seen away.  Then with what strength we have left, we sweep out what is unseen, whisking it all away so that others won’t see our futile attempts of covering up what isn’t noble in our mindsets or dreams.

His grace is sufficient beloved.

A shattered heart, like a shattered bone may seem like a impossible wound; but God!

All things are still possible to them that believe.  His grace is sufficient beloved.

“Keep me in the depth of your hidden way so I may gain insight and learn through the pain…….”


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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