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A Special Time — Pregnant With Destiny — 8 Comments

  1. It went well. Believing for NEW VISIONS Joyce. How prophetic is that ..He is removing the cloudy vision for NEW VISION in this era. Would that I didn’t always walk out my intercession in my body?!! Smile. SO grateful for your prayers. Love, Sandi

    • @ Sandi. Thank you. You wouldn’t believe, but yes I think you will, :)
      That was what I was praying for you is your spiritual sight, also to be even clearer! I had my cataracts removed years ago, and in the natural glad I did. My right eye had lazer surgery,too but my left eye couldn’t. It had a astigmatism but I see good anyway. So glad for your success. May I see clearer and sharper Lord is my prayer in the Spirit also.

    • Thanks so much Joyce. I really appreciate it. I am having cataract surgery in the morning. Please pray for me! Love and blessings, Sandi

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