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  1. I am weary, I see people looking to Trump like he is a savior, like he is going to fix whats broken, Then you have prophets coming out the wood work prophesying that clinton will be president and some prophesying that Trump will be president, now that Trump is president prophets are apologizing for missing the mark, If we miss the mark we never heard from God in the first place, including myself, No wonder the church and the nation is divided, Its time to be real.
    I am called of God to preach the gospel, called at age 12 and I am 46 now, I have have flowed in the gifts of the spirit and I had an opinion about this election and thought I heard from God, I was moved by emotion, And so are a lot of so-called prophets today, Its time to dwell at the well of our heavenly Father, Its time for the prophets, preachers, teachers, pastors, and evangelist and lay members and the whole body of Christ to honestly humble ourselves and truly seek God because we arent doing the world any favors by being moved by emotion, I believe in God.
    I believe Christ is the only way, I believe in the word of God, I have to be honest, I have seen a lot of dishonest crap in the church over the last 20 years and all I want to do is walk away from my calling because if I cant be who God needs me to be I dont wanna be anything, The flock of God is a stepping stone for men and women trying to make a name for themselves and not working to bring glory to the one who deserves it, The lost sheep are still lost, starving and spiritually dying.
    Its time to forget the hype and truly come back to the heart of worship, We need true repentance,thats the only way this nation and the church are going to be great again, The devils in the house and we think its the Lord God, We are deceived, Its time to repent and get it right, What I have said I say with love, We are in this thing together and take for granted that we are going to be held accountable one day.
    Judgement is coming, We must repent, God truly loves the peoples of the whole world, Its time to get ready to meet Jesus, May God bless us and truly lead us by the light of His Glory, Amen and Amen,

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