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A Vision of Pres. Donald J Trump — 8 Comments

  1. You are on target! We have been in Continuity of Government for 7 years now. The military has been in charge but many optics people do not understand because they are not reading the law and order manual and executive orders. It’s so important to be following the right voices especially since we are in an information war. Everything had to be exposed so people would see the deep corruption revealed for what it is. The real shock and awe is ready to be exposed. We have had an enemy from within for many years but God us exposing it all. It’s the greatest time to be alive not just for the United States but the entire world. God calls it a “movie” and it sure is going to have a surprise ending with all the actors playing parts of those who are already arrested charged and have gone through the military tribunals. The shock will come when they find out many who are alive have been dead and many who are dead are still alive. There are about 900 people who have been in protective custody for quite awhile.

  2. I have had 2 brief dreams about President Trump. Maybe a year ago I saw him break down in tears go to his knees saying I really tried and I knew he met to save America and he was humbling himself to Jesus like a full surrender.  Second dream was a couple of weeks ago…I was In a conference room with many others tables arranged in a horseshoe shape.  Doors led to outside and Biden was there about to do something awful to America.  Then a luxury white car drove up but as it approached it had rust on it and a little beat up like it been thru a battle.  Trump got out of the car and stopped Biden and it was good.  Dream ends.  I am encouraged.

    • Thank you for sharing these dreams with us. God is on the throne and the evil is being stopped in the name of Jesus and by the power of HIS BLOOD!

  3. President Trump is our legal President. No one interferes with God’s plan.

    Stand strong, be fierce, we are in the Army of God.

  4. I pray everyday for God to install Trump.  God and Trump are the only ones who can save this great nation.  Hope your prophesy comes true.

  5. Indeed and let us hope and pray for this. That the stones are being thrown is beyond questioning, what remains is only passing through that door.

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