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Making Bitter Waters Sweet Again! — 2 Comments

  1. Making the Bitter Waters Sweet Again!!!WOW WOW! Indeed God hears.  This is me. And this is the prayer that I have been praying the past days. Not my will Lord, not my will.  But Thine perfect, Divine Will be done! The past days as well I had a dream where I was holding two cups!! Indeed there is God in Heaven!! And right now before even reading this prophetic word, I cried out to God praying in drenched of tears asking Lord Jesus to turn anything bitter in my life, finances, home, love life and children to sweetness!  Every area that is barren in my life to be made whole! ! I just prayed this prayer right now as I was feeling heavy in the spirit! ! Thank You Lord God, ABBA Father! You are FAITHFUL indeed and you hear and answer prayers!  AMEN and AMEN! I will hold fast to You! I will hold fast to Your word and promises of refreshing waters in Jesus Name I thank You. Amen

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