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A Wedding Shower for My Bride! — 6 Comments

  1. Let me bless you with this wonderful song and wedding video, under the ‘chuppa’
    Take notice of the fireworks when the bride arrives.

    Shortly after the lord lead me to this video He lead me to a scientic site which showed that when the female eggcell got fertilized by the male cell an ‘visible explosion occurs’.
    AND the male cell has a rainbow aura above its head!
    This is visible on certain scientific pics and of course
    God is perfect in details, in the unvisible as well as in the visible!

    “for as the lightning doth come forth from the east, and doth appear unto the west, so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man Matt.24:27


  2. Thank you Deborah, for speaking about Ruth and Boaz is a great confirmation from the Lord about the times of the late end time harvest:

    “the wheat and the rye have not been smitten, for they are late Exodus 9:32
    “she cleaveth to the young women of Boaz to glean, till the completion of the barley-harvest, and of the wheat-harvest, Ruth 2;23

  3. Here I Am, my King, I’m waiting for the marriage supper, oh how beautiful, that day will be for all. I’m fully clothe in you. I love you Abba. I love your words this day. Amen !

  4. As in and from heaven, so on earth ! Thank you, Dear joyful sister !
    So it is no wonder why jealous and envious satan wants to destroy protective relationships: Marriages and family connections. People get vulnerable, naked and divided when he jumps in with his poisened arrows of lies, accusations and all other sorts of destructive talks, ideas and plans.

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