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A Word for 2024: A Wide Open Door! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for delivering this word. Had a dream of myself as a Bride and a key. After prayer and sorting out the parts to the dream, I asked the Lord has anyone received a word this year that has the depth of His heart, for many can read a prophetic word and agree, but when the principal of thoughts flow like you gave in this word it all made sense. This is a time of great changes in my life ( I was thinking of retiring in the month of January 2004}I literally was in my office and my boss said there was going to be changes and I thought (Revelation 3:8}every one of these scriptures have deep meaning, power and for a time such as this!! Not only personally but for His bride “AN AWAKING FOR HIS BRIDE IN COMPLACEMENT”

  2. Yes, thank you Prophetess Deborah; I agree with Rose and Karlene’s comments to what the LORD has provided through you. Thank you for your endurance and perseverance. It is not easy!

  3. Yes, I am to the point that I will have to be carried through! I have been in this fight, and I have become very weary. My eyes still look for the Lord.

  4. Prophetess Deborah, God has a way of speaking so plain, so strategically through you to me. To explain some things I have been pondering and at the same time confirming what I have been seeing or hearing. It is also always so timely. This is one of them. God continue to spesk through you powerfully, therby building up the body of Christ, as you avsil yourself to Him. Love and blessings.

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