A Word for MAY


A Word for MAY:

As someone seasoned in the prophetic, you won’t find me giving these false hopes words of ‘March- March forward’ or ‘Leap Year-Leap Ahead’ or 8 month…”New beginnings’ or …. well you know what I mean.

The same prophets and preachers who speak this Word will also put condemnation on those at the end of these limited time frames, and accuse you that you must have done something wrong, because you weren’t marching, or leaping, etc.  Straight up mess.

The Word the Lord gave me the other day as I was driving was this:  “MAY I?”

I saw a vision of His upper body with His hand extended to me and felt as though it was Him asking permission as He is a gentleman:

  • May I, as if I were in a ballroom dancing with someone, and He politely asked:
  • May I cut in?
  • May I have this dance?
  • May I take your hand?
  • May I come in?
  • May I sup with you?
  • May I have your heart fully?
  • May I heal you?
  • May I deliver you?
  • May I remove those idols in your life and heart?
  • May I purify you?
  • May I cleanse you?
  • May I give you those hearts desires that you’ve been longing for?
  • May I do those things according to your destiny that all of your works have not been able to accomplish?
  • May I have this month of May to have you all to Myself?
  • My I bring you deeper into intimacy with Me?
  • May I bring you into deeper worship?
  • May I bring you deeper into My presence?
  • May I cut in?

I felt so strong this month that the month of May…  was a month to draw deeper into His presence, deeper into intimacy with Him…

I felt like He was asking of that last dance before He gives my heart to another…

May we have this time together, just you and I?


~ Jennifer N. Mars

Jennifer MarsJennifer N. Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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A Word for MAY — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you.i need a deliverance prayer coz whatever I try backfires on me,i make appointments for job connections but are not honoured.its like nothing works am now 45 and live like a pauper.pray I get a job to pay for my son’s school fees.thank you for taking time to read this and be blessed.amen

  2. I received the vision and the word for May. For such a time as this . The word speaks to me right where I am, being I his presence , intimacy, spending more time with him. God bless you for sharing the message.

  3. Thank u for bringing honest real prophetic words. God bless you for that. I receive this. Lord yes u may accomplish the works of my destiny..only you i trust.