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  1. Hey Darla
    First of all Darla it is very painful what you have and are going through. The morning I woke up after my husband left me I thought all things work together for good for those who are the children of God.All situations are so different… it’s much to do with forgiveness…but although I am divorced and my husband is remarried I am standing for Restoration of my marriage. Charlyene Cares Rejoice Marriage Ministriesis a ministry I receive emails from every day which are so encourageing.They can put you in contact with other Standers and Wednesdays and Saturdays they share many testimonies. God will restore your marriage it will happen whatever you or your husband does or says!?!!That is if you believe you made a Covenant with God on your wedding day and you want to continue that covenant with Him even though your husband has broken it. There is another group called Covenant Keepers led by Rex and Caroline. In both situations they are coming from restored marriages. Her word written on 1st August was so good I put it on my Facebook.Also Craig Hill has written a good book explaining Marriage Covenant. God bless you and Jo Ellen and Elaine who put up a tremendous word re Delayed Prophecy re a cherry tree and asiquoa?!can’t remember how to spell it! A huge cedar tree. Yes that’s a lot what it’s all about our growth and relationship with the Lord.Love and much hope to you Darla from Carole xx UK

  2. Good morning Jo Ellen.  I just wanted to let you know that the person you were speaking of is me.  I have been separated for 3 years praying for marriage restoration and my divorce was final last Wednesday.  I have been praying to be back in intimate relationship with the Lord because I have been feeling so hurt and caught up in the grief of the whole situation. God has been bringing me out of the darkness and into the light slowly but surely.  Your message wad definitely meant for me today, and I wanted to say thank you and God bless you for putting it out there.  I am learning that through everything God is always there and has never left me, it’s been me whose been caught up in my circumstance that I put the Lord on the back burner.  I am now realizing this (only took 3 years) but thank God for his mercy, love and forgiveness.  He never gives up on me and I ask for your prayers in my continued growth and relationship with the Lord.  Thank you!

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