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I Have Kept You Hidden for a Season! — 6 Comments

  1. Abba Daddy, Oh how I keep coming back to this Prophetic Words, I’m in such Awe and Wonder of you, This again is so much me, as I have spoken it to be so again, for I can’t help but to be so amazed as it captures my heart into one with you. I thank you once more for using your servant Deborah, to speak into the heart’s of your pureness of heart, for me, and others, for I am just so overcome by you my awesome Father, my All in All. Oh how I treasure your Words, it is Powerful, Life, makes me smile, makes me want to shout, to dance, to sing, to laugh, to bubble up, to burst out reaching higher, and higher, with arms wide open to you, for I am so captivated now, I ask you, to speak again to Deborah, I want to hear more, Father God, I know you will, as I will await on you as always. Your precious beloved daughter, who loves you so much !!!

  2. Thank you Deborah as always for speaking to my Heart! I wept as a read that Word! I receive it- My Set a Time is Now!!! Bless you My Sister!☝️

  3. it will be said on that day, ” Lo this is our God, we have waited for him, that he might save us. This is the Lord, we have waited for him, let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.” Isaiah 25 verse 9
    Amen. All Glory to God!. Praise the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. God bless you Sister Deborah.

  4. wow! for sure this is my word this day , thank you so much for speaking to my heart in a mighty way, I believe its done , I give all the glory to my Farther in Heaving, Abba Farther! also the confirmation of scriptures to my heart thank you! He is for sure King of Kings and Lord of Lords , I praise His holy Name. I receive this word of Prophecy. Amen
    May The Almighty God bless you Woman of God Deborah.

  5. Wow, It is I Abba, you have indeed kept me, for so so so long. I have kept the faith
    knowing that in due season your timing all in which you have spoken to me will indeed come to fruitfulness in my lifetime, for I know you, my awesome loving Father, Comforter, and friend, and what a friend you have been to me. I adore
    you. I love, love, love you, my Prince, my King of All, I treasure your words spoken
    this day so very highly, for you are my bridegroom, in waiting, for I know that I know. It is such a joy to me, to hear you speaking to my heart this day, for it is pure, Holy, so awesome to me. I love you Deborah, for sharing his words which speaks so much to me, especially this day !!!! God Bless you Precious one !

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