A Word of The LORD for America


I prophesy:   The heart of America shall turn and burn with the greater glory of God.

I declare:   America is going from a place of great tragedy to great triumph in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I saw a whirlwind of fire that turned the hearts of the people and fires that burned down barriers.

I saw a bridge of triumph that is being built over troubled waters……!

This afternoon while walking and talking with the Father, He spoke these Words to me concerning his beloved America!

“Daughter watch, for the mighty whirlwind of My glory and power is coming to turn and burn in the hearts of the people.  My whirlwind of fire is coming to cleanse and purify and My whirlwind is coming to burn down barriers that have disconnected and divided the heart of the nation.

See, even in this hour in the midst of tragedy, I AM building a bridge of triumph over troubled waters that will lead my people to new life, new beginnings and a new land.

And here is where My people shall rebuild and establish My Kingdom purposes upon the earth!”

America, watch for the whirlwind of fire that comes to turn and burn in the hearts of the people!

As I heard Abba speak these words.  He then showed me a mighty whirlwind of fire coming out of the heavens.  The whirlwind of fire looked alive and moved at the sound of the Father’s voice.

Then I heard a voice that came out of the whirlwind of fire saying, “And He shall go before Him in the Spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for The LORD.”

Then I watched closely as the mighty whirlwind moved upon the nation of America, the blazing fires swept across the land with great power and acceleration.  I watched as great firestorms broke out across the whole nation.  I watched as the unstoppable force and great power of the whirlwind of fire cleansed and purified the whole land.

Then Father spoke again to me saying, “Daughter, even as the powers of darkness increases and intensifies over the nation in this hour, fear not, for there shall be an even greater increase, intensity, acceleration and manifestation of greater glory, light, supernatural power, kingdom authority, signs, wonders and miracles taking place across this nation.

My fires of glory and power are unstoppable and unquenchable.  My whirlwind now moves swiftly across the nation, no powers of evil can hinder or diminish it.

Watch for a mighty army of radical, fearless freedom fighters are rising up in this hour, that will not be deterred or distracted by the schemes of satan, for their power, strength, skill and stealth comes from being deeply rooted and established in my grace and governmental authority that rests upon their shoulders.

The weapons of their warfare are not carnal but they powerful to the pulling down of every stronghold and demonic structure that has been established in the land,”  says God.

“Daughter, these radical ones are anointed and appointed by My hand to push back, overthrow and overtake every power of death and destruction.

They war not in the realms of doubt, fear and timidity, but they war in the realms of supernatural faith, courage and humility, and with the sword in their mouths they are wise with their words only speaking life, liberty and victory.

They walk in the shoes of peace and prosperity.  They command the angels to come and to go, they love not their own lives even unto death.  These are the carriers of new life, healing, hope and manifest promise to the American people.

My Spirit of wisdom and the Fear of The LORD goes before them making straight their paths and illuminating their way.

In these days, they will be accelerated and advanced forward by My spirit of might, wisdom and power.  These brave hearts will move with great accuracy and great precision.  Satan and his demons will flee in a thousand different directions when these My glory carriers step upon their territories, for the demons know they cannot stand against the force and powers of unity and agreement.

Listen!  For the sound of great victory and jubilee will be heard over My beloved America in the days ahead,”  says god.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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