A Word to the Nations: Poison in the Pot! — 5 Comments

  1. God is about to cleanse his bride, from the leadership down. Mary is right in what she says, people want spiritual food but it’s being contaminated and it’s not fit for consumption.  The crown and the PM choose in the church of England the bishops for the church, and the church of England at the moment is running the church as a business not as a spiritual hospital for the sick and needy.

  2. I think about how even the queen who has been such a godly person, has made herself silent and impotent in the face of perversion, corruption, Islamization and immorality, and the adultery of the Church of England. Poison and death in the pit indeed. And there is treachery evident in the dream – the people want food, but nowhere was the food of God in the dream which is what they need.

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