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A Yoke Breaking Anointing Is Being Released! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes and Amen.
    We were praying for This Anointing for the Nations.
    Many Nations will see Jesus and His love.
    Thank you Jesus. Glory to our Heavenly Father.

  2. Thank you for this word.  I am fasting for victory and breakthrough, for the anointing to break every yoke of the enemy in these last days.  Is 58. 
    Here is the sort of fast I want – releasing those unjustly bound, untying the thongs of the yoke, letting the oppressed go free, breaking every yoke. Is 58 verse 6 and Micah 2.13 the one breaking through went up before the; they broke through, passed the gate and went out. The King passed before them; Adonai was leading them. CJB
    I believe for the double portion.

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