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  1. As I was doing dishes (don’t tell my wife) looking out the window asking the Lord to give me an easier way to share Him with others (I can’t go to the store or anywhere with out it taking hours, as He leads me to speak into so many lives, as I’m out). He spoke to me, I’m the truth, and I said I know your “the way the truth and the life”. He then said I’m “the truth, I said yes I know this. He then very sternly said I AM TRUTH ITS SELF! You talk about a moment of complete clarity!

    He is every word, deed, or action that is true! If I tell you I’m very hard of hearing now I’m almost 60, we’ll that is Christ as it’s completely true. If I said to you, I here pretty good, well that would be darkened,Satan,death. No Lie is of the truth/Christ. He is light/truth and there is NO DARKNESS in him at ALL! No shadow of turning. That means if you intentionally say anything do anything that is 99.99% true it now has a shadow and is completely a lie/darkness/Satan. The remnant is tiny. He has shown me how few. Let’s consider two times that we have a clear indication of who’s His and who isn’t.  there where only eight on the ark and the days of Elijah and the prophets of Baal what did God tell him he had preserved himself, only 7000, there were between four and 5 million people in the Northern and southern kingdom at that time.

  2. Thank you for being obedient to post this prophetic word.  When I saw that you mentioned 47, I was a bit shocked because last night I had a dream where I saw 4.7 and had no idea why I was seeing it.  I will just need to go to the Lord and seek Him out for what the meaning is but if anyone has any insight on what 4.7 means I’d greatly appreciate it!  Will need to meditate on those scriptures that have been posted.  God bless you!

  3. Thank you for the excellent teaching and prophetic words in your post. I will print out a a copy and meditate on the scriptures you have provided. I have definitely decerned the demonic workings in some AI systems. The Holy Spirit has quicken my spirit. We have to be very careful and aware. God bless!

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