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  1. Hi I have been praying for revival for over 30 years after a vision of a white horse breaking through a gate . 20 years ago God spoke about the Flying Scotsman train and revival . Robin Marks released a song called revival . The flying Scotsman was being restored 2 years ago and we saw it being prepared to go out. We had been organising prayer along the Carlilse to Settle railway which was built by the navvies . There are small chapels built for the navvies and we hold meetings in Zion chapel including the day the FLYING SCOTSMAN went past . We are preparing for a mission through the uk to France believing revival is increasing and we will see a huge wave of his Glory . After talking to a friend about increasing the prayer, praise and proclamation and singing the Gospel Express chorus I felt the Lord said check your emails I have encouragement for you . We could be homeless in less than 2 weeks if the Lord didn’t step in but are excited by what he is doing . When we saw your Glory train word we were really blessed and are sharing it . Our pastor who partners with us has a picture the Lord gave him re the Glory train . We believe the connection with the UK and America is important . Amongst our ministry horses we have an American quarter horse mare white with blue eyes called AMAZING GRACE , we have a Eriskay rare Scottish breed crossed with a quarter horse called THUNDERING JOY her son is called REVIVAL . We would appreciate prayer . God bless

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