Abundant Spiritual Gifts and Callings


We are entering a situation in the spirit realm.  A situation is at hand in which spiritual gifts and leadership callings along with anointing are being abundantly given to many ordinary people.  Men and women who, due to the urgency of the situation, are being rapidly trained and commissioned into callings of leadership far beyond anything they have ever done before.

On Sunday morning December 7th, 1941, the United States of America had in place a substantial peace time army and navy.  However, we were nowhere near prepared for the war that began that Sunday morning with a shocking surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

I remember well the lines of men at recruitment offices across the nation on Monday morning, December the 8th as thousands of men raced to join every branch of the military to defend our nation.

Suddenly there was a serious shortage of officers in the military to train and make ready hundreds of thousands of new recruits.  Suddenly there were many leadership offices to be filled.  Training time for officers was greatly reduced.  Men were selected from the ranks of recruits and commissioned as entry level officers in a matter of weeks.  Some came to be referred to as 90 day wonders as they took charge of leading troops into war.

The same type of situation came about in the home front among civilians.  Suddenly there was a great manpower shortage in every area of the workplace as able-bodied men went to war.  Industry was called upon to greatly increase output of war equipment.  Factories were quickly changed from making cars and consumer goods to building ships, planes, tanks, jeeps, guns, ammunition, and a multitude of other war time goods.

Across the nation at home and in the military, men and women began to be commissioned to function as leaders in factories and jobs that they had never done before.

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.

In the natural, the urgency of that situation demanded that many men and women step up and receive commissioned offices of leadership beyond anything they had done before.  They were more than willing to do so to keep our nation free from tyranny.

We are entering a similar situation in the spirit realm.  A situation is at hand in which spiritual gifts and leadership callings along with anointing are being abundantly given to many ordinary people.  Men and women who, due to the urgency of the situation, are being rapidly trained and commissioned into callings of leadership far beyond anything they have ever done before.

Every man, woman, and child of God has a part in this worldwide response to the merciless attack of the evil enemies of God and man.  Satan and His Antichrist spirits are attempting to destroy even the name of Christ Jesus and His kingdom off the face of the earth.

This is more than a battle to defend our nations. It is the culmination of two thousand years of historical conflict between light and darkness, Christ and anti-Christ.  Planet Earth and all that is on it will now become the Kingdom of God, or it will become the desolation of an abomination that will take the world back into darkness and death.

“Our conflict is not with flesh and blood,”   Ephesians 6:12.

This all-out conflict of the ages begins and ends in the minds and hearts of mankind.  Whatever man receives and believes in his heart either releases or restrains the will of God and His kingdom on earth.

In recent decades people have on a larger scale than ever begun to experience the kingdom of God in more intimate relationships with God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.  As a result the kingdom of God began to greatly prosper and grow into its rightful place in the world.

The Kingdom of God coming forth on earth brings an end to the illegal false reign of the devil on earth.

The advancing of the Kingdom on earth has struck great fear in the enemies of God and man.  An all-out response of cunningly devised darkness has flooded the world and stolen the minds and hearts of the masses of people.

This flood has released a vile onslaught of vicious attacks on the people of God that is at least equal to the dark ages of the past.  Literally men and women have lost their minds to the enemy and allowed the attack to flourish and grow in its attempt to stop the growth of the kingdom of God on earth.

My dear friends, Christ Jesus did not die in vain!  Love is not powerless!

God is still on the throne, and mankind will turn to god and step into our commission to receive our giftings to destroy evil with good and redeem the world of fierce hatred with the power of pure holy love flowing the ultimate power of god from heaven into the earth.

Forget your religious or secular past, and yield your entire life into the supernatural heavenly flow of spirit god, and release the miraculous gifts of God to a desperate world.

Only the demonstration of the supernatural spirit love and power of the all powerful all loving God of all creation can impact and change the people of the world.

God is now awakening many people to the urgency of the Kingdom of God now manifesting on earth.  Rapid training of leaders is taking place as Spirit Gifts, callings, wisdom, and anointing is being released to the masses of ordinary humble people being commissioned as leaders.

This commission may or may not be given to ministers of stature among the hierarchy of man-made church leaders.  It is the humble and broken who have been prepared through great adversity who will be greatly used in extreme miracles and powerful works of God among the needy people of the world.

Supernatural Ministry

Demonstration of the supernatural gifts of God in His humble servants by the Holy Spirit of God will change the minds and hearts of many people.  Knowing and speaking detail facts from God about a person’s life that cannot be known by natural means can greatly impress an individual with the reality that God knows them and cares about them.

The gift of a supernatural word of knowledge can cause the people’s hearts to be open to the words of wisdom of the truth of God and His kingdom on earth.  God knows everything about everyone.  A gifted servant of God who hears God clearly can speak to hard-hearted unbelieving cynics to make known the power and love of God to them.

Manifestations of supernatural healing powerfully demonstrate the love and power of God.  Miracles of healing have accompanied every move of God and are prevalent throughout the word and work of God today.

Deliverance is an important part of every move of God and especially in the now beginning move of the current and perhaps the last great awakening.  Multitudes of people are now in bondage to many demonic spirits including some very powerful religious fallen angels of darkness posing as angels of light.

These powerful spirits can call in and release many other evil spirits that can cause extremely violent bodily dismemberment through stabbing and cutting, rape and murder of Christians, and every form of killing, stealing, and destroying.

More commonly, people begin by becoming fascinated by and eventually addicted to sexual sins or substance abuse or occult involvement.  These bondages can call in many demons that cause rebellion, violence, deceit, witchcraft, and other negative works of the enemy.

The people often struggle against these things in their natural strength and always fail to totally and continuously overcome.  The demonic strongholds in their lives can be completely removed through powerful deliverance in the name of Jesus by the Holy Spirit in humble faithful believers.

The gifts of words of knowledge and wisdom, healing, deliverance, and other gifts and callings of places of service are being poured out upon ordinary believers in whom Christ Jesus dwells by the Holy Spirit.

The training period is being shortened, and true apostolic leaders are arising to quickly prepare the hundreds of thousands of volunteers coming forth to destroy the works of the enemy that has taken unlawful possession of the mountains of culture and society known as the kingdoms of this world.

The awakening of God’s people to the urgency of the situation is coming much like the attack on Pearl Harbor came and shocked the nation.  At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, there had been many warning signs of the situation that the people ignored because they had grown so accustomed to peace in the nation.  Each day came about much like the day before, and the people were lulled to sleep until the wake-up call came.

The same is true in this current spiritual situation of urgency.  Many people are spiritually asleep and ignoring the many signs and warnings.  Many people will soon be jolted awake by the realization that a people of great darkness have arisen among us to release hell on earth.

The Greatest Generation

History is now referring to the men and women of the Allied nations who fought and won World War II as “The Greatest Generation.”  It is my belief that the truly “Greatest Generation” of all time is the generation of humble men and women of God in whom the Spirit of the resurrected Christ Jesus fully abides to awaken the people.

In this season God’s people are being awakened to the total victory of the resurrection life of Christ Jesus that is within them.  His life and power within us are greater than all the power of the enemy.  The generation that fully realizes that resurrection life abides within them is the generation that will supernaturally bring forth the kingdom of God on natural earth as it is in heaven.

The mature Sons of God are arising now mostly hidden among the wilderness wondering humble people who are dead to self and alive unto God.  These are the men and women in whom the resurrected Christ Jesus fully lives by the Holy Spirit of God.

The kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdoms of our God, and we get to be a part of it.

Praise the LORD God!  Let all that has breath praise God!


Be made whole in His love,
~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 55 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the OpenHeaven.com Digest.

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Abundant Spiritual Gifts and Callings — 2 Comments

  1. “God is now awakening many people to the urgency of the Kingdom of God…”

    Urgency is really the right word!

  2. “In this season, God’s people are being awakened to the total victory of the resurrection life of Christ Jesus that is within them.”

    Some years ago I read the book of Enoch and the increasing insight of Christ rising inside us has make me to on and off check if things that I at that time did not really understood is correctly understood today.

    Some years ago I was not yet aware of that the Bible describes in Genesis 1:2 the fallen (Satan’s) world which is the world we live in and that this is the world which will ‘change’ in the latter end and that the ‘heaven’s are those who hears God and not the visible sky which we see with our natural eyes, and these heavens, those who hears God are what Enoch speaks about when he says he he saw the vision of how God comes into the world “and emerge from their abode” and that the understanding of this is for the people that lives in that time. 
    God opens up the understanding of these things for the reason that the time is now.
    I have lately read and compared with the Bible other apocryphal books that confirms the same things.

    I add this short verse from Enoch to the confirmations of the, through the ages, hidden mystery of Christ in us and makes the notice that the Bible says Enoch was taken away so that one did not see him.
    The reason one did not see ‘Enoch’ anymore was for that one instead saw Christ in him, the same way the remnant will be ‘taken away’ when Christ rises inside :

    This is Enoch’s words with which he greeted them living in time of change, when evil and unholy is about to disappear. And he raised his voice and said:
    “I am Enoch. My eyes were opened, and I saw the magnificence of the heavens. The angels showed me this amazing and I could not understand what I saw and heard. But the message is not understood by the human race, but is for a distant coming. Regarding the people living then I said, and raised my voice:
    It’s perfect to come back. And see! The great God will come down to this world and emerge from their abode. He will step down from their heavenly abodes, and their strengths.”

    (The Book of Enoch: Section 1 – Nature and the fall, Translated from Swedish by google translate)