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  1. “In this season, God’s people are being awakened to the total victory of the resurrection life of Christ Jesus that is within them.”

    Some years ago I read the book of Enoch and the increasing insight of Christ rising inside us has make me to on and off check if things that I at that time did not really understood is correctly understood today.

    Some years ago I was not yet aware of that the Bible describes in Genesis 1:2 the fallen (Satan’s) world which is the world we live in and that this is the world which will ‘change’ in the latter end and that the ‘heaven’s are those who hears God and not the visible sky which we see with our natural eyes, and these heavens, those who hears God are what Enoch speaks about when he says he he saw the vision of how God comes into the world “and emerge from their abode” and that the understanding of this is for the people that lives in that time. 
    God opens up the understanding of these things for the reason that the time is now.
    I have lately read and compared with the Bible other apocryphal books that confirms the same things.

    I add this short verse from Enoch to the confirmations of the, through the ages, hidden mystery of Christ in us and makes the notice that the Bible says Enoch was taken away so that one did not see him.
    The reason one did not see ‘Enoch’ anymore was for that one instead saw Christ in him, the same way the remnant will be ‘taken away’ when Christ rises inside :

    This is Enoch’s words with which he greeted them living in time of change, when evil and unholy is about to disappear. And he raised his voice and said:
    “I am Enoch. My eyes were opened, and I saw the magnificence of the heavens. The angels showed me this amazing and I could not understand what I saw and heard. But the message is not understood by the human race, but is for a distant coming. Regarding the people living then I said, and raised my voice:
    It’s perfect to come back. And see! The great God will come down to this world and emerge from their abode. He will step down from their heavenly abodes, and their strengths.”

    (The Book of Enoch: Section 1 – Nature and the fall, Translated from Swedish by google translate)

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