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The Enemy is Casting Aspersions! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear sister – something like this happened here in June, and thousands of glass pieces fell down, the day before I went a long journey (500 miles) to my mom and I was in great need of time. So the balcony was over and over full of glass, thousands pieces fell down into the yard of the neighbour, into every flower and herb pot. This had stolen hours, to pick them all up and tidy everything. Even bloody fingers. I still do not know who threw that 1 black stone, but he or they who planned this must repent and should better follow JESUS and not me. So your vision of WHITE STONES is precious for me and enjoys my new morning here. I love to be in contact with my sisters and brothers on this page. God bless you all !!! While I type this, a flock of birds in formation flight show 8 (eight) ! New beginnings ! They did not want me to live a free life, you know. Satan is such a liar, accuser, stealer, destroyer. BUT GOD – HE is in control of all realms, spirits, animals, humans, of all nature and creature. God made me strong to speak and to write THE TRUTH. Without God`s holy word that guides me, comforts me, leads me, they would have ruined me. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD !

  2. Thank you Abba, Yes, Shouts of Glory, my King, and Lord of Lords, for I am your bride, and delight so much in you this awesome beautiful day, you have made for me. I love you dearly, can;t seem to ever get enough of you, my all in all, my everything, so dear, so precious are you to me,my comforter, and friend. I enjoy you, love to be here, to hear you speak into my heart, it is such wonder to me, to know, you are always near to me, no matter what time it maybe, for you are there with me, precious heart, my darling King. Awesome, Goodness,above all are you.
    I love you, thank you for your words spoken today. Amen !

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