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  1. Dear Sandi,
    Thank you, as once again you’ve given a word full of hope and encouragement to live and keep going!  More times than I can count I’ve felt this is surely the end of yet another rug being pulled out from under me.  Truly, unless the Lord breaks through for me, I don’t know what I can do.  At 66, so much loss and grief is behind me that I don’t know how to move past hopelessness.  It’s embarrassing to even write, because everyone around me seems to know me as so strong and full of faith, but I’m believing there has to be goodness of God ahead for me. 
    Thank you for faithfully sharing what the Lord is speaking.  I’ll appreciate your prayers more than you know.
    God bless you!  – Diane

    • Dear Diane, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts as well as your heart. I certainly will be praying for you as you take hold of HIS unchanging hand. These are trying times and we are all trusting and believing as never before.  Please keep me posted and update me as the Lord wipes out all hope deferred. It truly makes our hearts sick! Many blessings and prayers, Sandi

  2. Dear Sandy, God has a way of confirming things over and over again. You and Mary have spoken exceptionally wise and timely words in season in the past few days. I am a pastor, a Jew by natural birth, life in Australia and have been in ministry for 55 years as of September 1 last. More than 20 years ago, the Lord started speaking volumes about what is only now just starting to happen. He told me to close my church and amber on what He called a John the Baptist kind of ministry. It’s exciting, but not easy. Everything you said lines us with our own liv es and preparations for a brand new ministry. We are packing; moving to from one end of Australia to the next and shall open up in the UK soon. Many people are where you described and we have also been there ourselves. You do not know the full impact of such a timely word. Blessings. Robert Carter. Bashan Ministries

    • dear Robert, What joy fills the heart when I hear a such a powerful response to the words of my Lord! I am so filled with wonder that every time HE sends a message sometimes that is just personal and complete to one faithful servant, one is a picture of a Paul who just hung on every word of His master to obey to the very end. Thank you so much for your message to me. It is so comforting to hear that encouragement led to acceleration that brings advancement to attain and accomplish one’s call to carry out the Authority given to build the Kingdom of GOd. May His blessings overtake you as you run your race to finish well. Sending grace, love and angelic hosts to go before you, Sandi Holman

  3. Dear beautiful Sandi, I read this word this morning and sent it to a friend in need of every beautiful word written here. She just let me know that it truly changed the course of her day, she’s been having such a hard time. So from my friend Elizabeth and myself we thank you and bless your kind heart beautiful lady!!
    God is so so Good!!! :)

    • PTL CHerish, YES INDEED..God is so so good. we must keep spreading the word of His goodness. Thanks so much for sharing. Nothing like an on-time word to brighten our day and lead the way. Love and blessings, Sandi

  4. Dear Sandi thank you for posting this inspiring and encouraging word.  Over the years I have learned that the Lord is never late!!! May the Lord increase your anointing to receive revelation from Him.  Much love to you and loved ones!!!

    • Dearest MF, I receive that word for increased anointing for revelation from the Lord!! Thank you so much for your love and encouragement. Grace and love, Sandi

  5. Awesome, Sandi, a timely message that is so appreciated.  God bless you for sharing this hope-filled message…from the ashes of defeat burn the greatest fires of new accomplishments!

    • I appreciate your appreciation, Rorok. It is so good to receive agreement and blessing. May you advancement be met with great accomplishments! Blessings galore, Sandi

  6. Oh ,Woooooow!
    A word in season for me!
    Praise God
    Bless you sister, The Lord always talks to me thro you
    Thank you for your faithfulness

    • Sareeta, I receive your blessing with great gratitude and it makes my heart glad that His words penned by me speak to you. Thanks so much. God bless you richly, Sandi

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