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Keep seeking for more of God!

The morning, after, when God has overtaken you and given you specific instructions and you realize, that your life is about to totally change, and you know that the new mandate comes with directions that will cause you to be taken into dimensional shifts that will absolutely have you mind blown.

So much has taken place spiritually in the last three months, as The LORD is doing such a new thing in the lives of those who have given themselves into seeking for a more intimate deeper personal relationship with God.

Walking in obedience to God, will cost greatly.  Sometimes I sit and think about the sacrifices that God has required from me in obeying Him, not in regret, because I never regret my obedience, but I think about how those things that He directed me to do has developed me in spiritual stability, and cause me to honor respect and reverence Him, with a faith in Him that is solid and unshakeable.

I’m so thankful for this new season, the greater impartation that has came, the move of God that is happening.  Some of you are experiencing a greater awareness of your calling and purpose and the seriousness of you being in the perfect will of God.

You are more intense, concerning your walk with God, and it’s so important to you to display integrity and character.  You are determined to show excellence in all you do and say not wanting to bring any reproach to the name of God.

Who you have become is puzzling those around you, because they are seeing a different person with a different attitude about things.  They notice that you don’t compromise at all that you’re willing to walk away from anything and anybody that is a hindrance to your walk and relationship with The LORD.

You may be accused of being too deep, too passionate about your salvation, too intense about your walk with God, but keep your pursuit going.

Keep seeking for more of God.  Keep praying and fasting continue to display how much you love The LORD.

This new season brings new oil a fresh wind a stronger anointing a closer bond with God.

This is a great time in the Kingdom of God as The LORD is pouring out His Spirit and refreshing us as we enter into a new place in our relationship with God!

Spiritual Casualties

This morning, there is so much going on in my mind.  There are times when the will of God will cause me to be put in a position which may be uncomfortable for others, but it’s suitable at that time, because God has a purpose beyond our human reason.

Holding the position that I do in the Kingdom, and living the standards I do concerning His will, I am not bound by religious and traditional boundaries that are set by man.

I’m always moved by God’s agenda and since I’m not my own, I have to be led totally and completely by His voice and will.  Many people miss the perfect timing and season of God, because they are afraid of what someone will say if they obey the instructions of God.

I have myself missed some important moments before I matured and got delivered from the opinion of people, because I didn’t want to hear the backlash of what people thought if I did what God wanted me to do at that moment.  I have learned to just obey, and let people have whatever opinion they want to have, because if they are not mature they won’t understand your decision to follow Christ in all He says and do.

Last night, the power of God came upon me to prophesy.  As I was talking to some of the people, the Spirit of The LORD took me in a vision were I saw bodies laid out bleeding, and God said spiritual casualties will hit and He spoke and said a horde of demons are being released to wear the saints out.

He said this is not the time to be weak.  We must get strong.  He said the Word will go forth and they will hear the people as they speak but they will not change.

He said many are not strong enough to withstand the terror of the enemy.  Many have not established a true foundation.

He said tell them: “I AM their only hope, I AM their only chance of survival.”

He said where are the ones that will speak in this season without doubt without fear without compromise.  He said don’t add neither take away from His words of judgment neither His words of encouragement for the people.

Some have fallen, but yet there are those that stand.  He said verbal abuse against the people will increase especially within their families much accusations will be brought against the righteous from the mouths of those that love.

He said, stand don’t be moved, don’t be alarmed, don’t cry, neither hurt for I have warned you in My Word that they would rise up against each other.  Hold not your peace in this hour stand strong and obey obey obey speak God’s Word for it is a day of fear and trembling for those that will not turn from the wickedness of sin.

His love has been stretched out over the people and He has sent His word many times and yet they refuse to hearken to them because they were not smooth words they were not words that comfort them in sin.

My heart is heavy this morning, because of the vision of those miles and miles of people I saw bleeding and yet nobody was reaching for anyone, they were just laying there in their blood, laughing ,as if they didn’t know they were hurt wounded and slowly dying.

The casualties of this spiritual war showed how unequipped many were even though they were faithfully going to church, hearing the word, but not changing not getting stronger, because the Words were going through their ears, but not getting in their mind to be established in their spirit.

I’m hurt at the magnitude of compromise, sin and deception, that the people are receiving, but when the true voices are speaking, they put their fingers in their ear and say we won’t hear your words of correction, because we don’t believe God will speak to us in our sins that way.

I’m praying and I refused to be held in a headlock by the people.  I’m obeying The LORD and saying what He says and doing what He told me to do!

It’s crucial that you are in the correct place correct timing correct season of God!

Manipulation of Men and Boys in the Church

My spirit has been troubled all night at the things that are going on with our youth and young adults.

The Spirit of The LORD was showing me the magnitude of the attacks against our sons and daughters by sexual predators.  He showed me the aggressiveness of the female sexual predators that is taking advantage of the young men in this hour.

So many older ladies who carry the spirit of Jezebel are enticing and seducing our young boys and men and are causing them to surrender their identity as the head into the hand of these aggressive females who are using their sexual prowess to get control of them.

The spirits of Athaliah (daughter of Ahab & Jezebel) and Salome (daughter of Herod and Herodias) represent the young women who are now being used by these older women to corrupt the young boys and men, and to weaken our males through perverted acts that seduces them and makes them have an uncontrollable desire for these women because of the skill they display in the sexual acts.

Many men believe that they are controlling these women, when in fact they are controlling them, because they keep running back to them even when they don’t want to because they crave how they make them feel.

The older women are teaching the younger, how to gain power through destruction and deceit or through enticement and seduction.

Many women are teaching that this is the hour of women rising up when in reality the teaching is a fabrication (the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something).  Though God is using woman in a mighty way, He is not eliminating the man in the process.

They are teachings that God is moving man out the way and that is a total lie.  It’s a plot by satan to get the women in rebellion and discord against the man and to further advance the Ahab and Jezebel dynasty in the earth.

The Spirit of The LORD keeps saying pray because the enemy don’t want order unity and love between the men and women of God.  The enemy knows, that if they get on one accord and come together there will be major damage done in the earth.  There is an intense attack against any voice that speaks about oneness in the Body of Christ.

It’s a strategic plan of satan to keep our men weak fighting and killing each other making them effeminate taking away their masculine nature destroying their manhood by taking their God created identity as a ruler provider priest and king.

It’s time to push our men back into their position of power and authority in the earth.  

And before you women say something crazy in the comments and I have to reveal what spirit is causing you to feel like you don’t need men in the earth as ordained by God this is not about making you inferior or less than who you are in the earth or the Kingdom of God but this is about a strategic plan of satan to make the man less than who he was created to be and to keep him weak unproductive and subdued.


I am sure there are other leaders who have walked with people, taken them through the necessary steps, did everything right in training and teaching a person about the ministerial and administrative parts of ministry, walked with them through their struggles, hung in with them and believe in them when nobody else would, and they were humble, respectful, obedient, hungry for all of God, went through the ordination or affirmation services, and then about a month later –  they attacked.

They say they have outgrown you, try to tear you down, become rebellious and disrespectful, and then say ,you never did nothing for them, and then you find out some other leader got in their ear and told them they don’t need to be with you –  they have more to offer and they will open doors for them.  They walk away and say they see more in me than you do, and you hear God tell you, “Let them go.”

Even when God tells you, they will be used, hurt, and taken advantage of, but He says this is part of ministry they have to experience and walk through, because they need to learn it’s not about opportunity, platforms, crowds, or applause, but about His will, His way, His purpose, and that nobody can control what He has destined, or who He has anointed to walk with them to get them into their purpose.

Some people have hidden agendas, but God has Kingdom motives.  When God is ready to elevate shift, change, transition, you there is no need for tricks, gimmick,s games or lies.

Remember, He does all things in His timing and His season.  It’s not enough to get man’s recognition when you don’t have God’s approval.

In this season, don’t give validation until you do your extensive spiritual investigation.  Some things could had been avoided if we would had taken just a little more time with somebody.

All areas of a person life need to display signs of wholeness, instead of seeing gifts and potential look at the person as a whole.



~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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