Allow My Rulership – I will not disappoint!


“I AM the Root of David, and the BRANCH.  I AM the Offspring of the Almighty and the Living WORD.  I AM the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Nothing that was created was created without Me.  There is nothing that is HIDDEN from ME.  I AM the Alpha and Omega and I AM the KING of KINGS and the Lord of LORDS.  Is there anything that is impossible for ME?

Truly I say to you, that what you think is impossible, what you think is something I don’t want to do, or can’t do is total UNBELIEF.  Why do you rely on MAN more than ME?  Why do you look to yourself to solve your problems when I AM the God who is IN YOU, WITH YOU, INSIDE YOU?  I AM EMMANUEL!  REMEMBER?

I AM the One Who loves you more than any other.  I lived and died for you!  I gave My life that YOU could have life. Oh daughter of Zion, is there no King in your midst?  Is there anything that is too hard for Me?

If I created the very ground you walk on, the very plants which give you life, through the oxygen they breathe out, and every mountain, hill and vale, every man, woman and child.  If I threw the stars into the heavens and created the orbits of planets to such precise measurements, can I not just speak and bring things into existence NOW?

Have I changed?  Have I grown tired and weak like you?  Why do you allow yourselves beloveds to reduce Me to your level?  I AM not a god made of stone and wood, like many worship. I AM the LIVING ONE, the ETERNAL ONE, the ALMIGHTY ONE!

There is NOTHING I won’t do for a radical lover!  There is nothing I won’t do for the one who loves ME and has given his TOTAL life to Me!  And aye, there’s the rub.  You have not because you ask not.  You struggle and strive as if I require work to give you a gift.

You strain and stubbornly refuse to rest, when I have paid the price to give you that rest.  It is NOT by your own efforts that you can do ANYTHING.  It is ONLY BY MY GRACE.  Yes, I do allow you to go through difficult things.  But this is because man’s nature is like the camel’s.  You tend to RUN when I want you to sit, or stay.  You tend to RUN away from Me, rather than TO ME, because you truly don’t believe that I love you as much as I really do!

I’ve said that I love you as NO OTHER LOVES YOU.  I’ve said, I’ll NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave you nor forsake you.  I’ve said, that My love NEVER fails.  And I so want for you to believe this, so that LIKE THE CAMEL you will have stored up fat for the journey of life.

I want you to GORGE yourself like a camel can, on the WATER of the Holy Spirit so that you are filled to the FULL with My presence, My LOVE, MY kindness and goodness.  Don’t you understand that when you gorge yourself on My sweetness, just like bees exposed to smoke gorge themselves on the honey, that YOU will be FILLED TO THE FULL WITH MY LOVE and out of that love and COMPASSION will flow LIVING WATERS that are able to bring RESURRECTION LIFE to the blind, to the deaf, to the crippled in body and soul?  It will REVIVE every living thing ! EVERY LIVING THING!  My power, My grace, My LIFE brings life and prosperity to every aspect of life in this world!

Note how the sun brings life to living plants and human beings.  Note how when the sun is diminished, people often feel down or depressed!  So there is an analogy in the spirit realm that when the SON is not shining down on you, you don’t grow, you don’t bloom, you feel less than.  You need the SON to bring life to your every day, even as the SUN in the natural gives life to every living thing.  Without the life of the SUN and the WATER in this world, every living thing would DIE.  Likewise you need the water of the HOLY SPIRIT and the LIFE of the SON in your life to breathe life into others, and to sustain your own life.

Intercession in the life of a man is like breathing in the natural.  As you talk to ME, you let out things inside that need to be expelled, feelings, and weights of this life, questions.  As I speak to you, and emanate My presence back to you, You breathe in My life, just as you breathe in oxygen in the natural.  Breathing is essential to LIVE!  So is communication essential to MY LIFE.  You cannot go on and on in your own self sufficiency without losing life, spiritually and then physically will follow.

My life is what sustains life.  My presence is what gives you FULLNESS of life.

Discontentment is the natural consequence of lack of My life in an individual.  Thus people look for something to fill themselves with to sustain some form of happiness, even if it is a false happiness.  Come to ME, all you who are weary and burdened I said, and I will give you LIFE.

Take My yoke upon you and learn of ME, for my burden is easy, My yoke is LIGHT.  When I died for you, I did not cause you to lose ground, to lose anything but only to GAIN.  I died to bring you LIFE…eternal LIFE.  And with that all the privileges of the Kingdom.

My Kingdom is very simple and not complicated.  People make it complicated.  But it is not complicated.  It is simple.  Note that all the illustrations on earth I used were simple and not complicated ones.  You don’t need a degree in Theology to understand the KINGDOM.

My disciples were fishermen, mostly and did not have degrees in theology to function in the Kingdom.  What they did have is TIME WITH ME.  They drank from the fountain of LIVING WATERS.  THAT is what brought them wisdom and understanding and power and love, and all they needed.  Being connected to Me is where you get your life, even as an electric cord, plugged into a light socket gives energy, does MY LIFE give energy and power and all you need to live life.

I told the Pharisees that they read the scriptures for IN THEM they think they have life, yet they were unwilling to come to ME, the Fountain of Living Waters to receive LIFE.  Do NOT be like them My beloveds.  I paid the price for ALL to be able to enter in to the HOLY PLACE, and not only to enter in, but to stay, to have communion with ME – To WALK with ME. So come away from the bustling crowds.  Simplify your life as best you can, for the hour is at hand when you will HAVE to do this to survive.  Simplify your lives and YIELD your lives to Your LORD and MASTER.



~ Priscilla

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