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  1. Love your messages, you are so blessed…May God continue to use you , to bring His messages and warning to His people…God bless you, guide and protect you always…

  2. I was considering possibly moving to Virginia in January and I’ve been getting these dreams Of a huge storm heading and I was hiding in the basement In which I live in Texas right now and there’s not too many basements In Texas we would be moving into my husband’s cousin’s property that she rents out but with the news and financial expert speaking and showing proof that the Social Security Administration’s disability sector will be broke by 2016 which I’ve had dreams since 2013 on that it may be A sign that maybe I shouldn’t go to Virginia So I will ask anybody who feels led to pray that they may pray for me and my family that we may receive our answer

  3. I recently asked the Lord to give me some dreams of future events that would take place and I have since had 2 separate dreams since then, they where short but vivid and intense…I live in AZ but in the first dream I was living in isreal and planes flew overhead of my house that I lived in and was shooting a flood of bullets on top of my house, I was expecting at any moment for them to come thru the ceiling and hit me, but to my amazement nothing happened, and 2 nights ago I dreamed I was in my living room here in AZ with my granddaughter and sirens went off and then immediately I could feel the wave from a nuclear or atomic bomb pass through my living room pushing the air out of the room, we dropped to our knees in a fetal position and covered our ears due to the bomb causing intense ringing in our ears, I stayed on the floor waiting for death to come but it never did,and I was thinking right before I woke up “I wonder what the after affects will be” and then I woke up. I’ve been praying about this and asking God for confirmation that these dreams where from him…Praise be to God Almighty…Rhonda.

  4. Thank you for sharing–God wants His people warned; also non-believers so they’ll know that He informs His prophets.  And, He gives confirmation!  A pastor here very recently prophesized a tsunami for the East Coast w/a “super storm” following it.  He drove from here to FL to FL Keys, and up the coast to Maine.  Said that in his vision New England was hit hardest.  He also prophesized 1) Hurricane Sandy and went to NJ and NY to warn them, and 2) the Oklahoma storms and floods and drove out there.

  5. I have also been having dreams and visions concerning the judgement that is about to come on the US. It’s time for us to humble ourselves and pray.  I see dark clouds in the heavens that are taking on demonic forms and they are possessing people to commit the crimes that we are seeing today. Our inner cities need prayer like never before. Please lay hands on your children and pray over them so that these evil forces can not posess them.
    It’s serious and it’s coming. Wake up.

  6. Lord have mercy! My brother and his family live in SC and I have friends from FL to MA where I live. Honestly I can’t imagine God not allowing judgment to come, I just pray for His protection on us all :)

    • Dear Sue,
      Our God is a just God.
      If He does not bring justice on the U.S.A., surely He must owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology?
      God has constantly and emphatically warned the U.S.A. about their apostasy and their abominable acts, but the land refuses to repent and turn back to Him.  Instead they defy Him, slander Him, reject Him and speed up their distancing from Him.
      If the U.S.A. will repent, He will relent.  If not, expect His justice, given in love. 
      Sadly, as the prophets say, it is too late now to expect change, as the U.S.A., BY CHOICE, will not repent.
      Please do pray for America.  The land desperately needs it.
      Thanks for your patronage of HKP.
      Blessings in Christ,

  7. Wow I heard that Atlanta Georgia would have a hurricane hit it that would bring devastating floods that would cause people to relocate to Augusta Ga.

  8. I would like to thank you for sharing what The Lord has been showing you..Please continue to keep us updated with future events, They are very helpful.  God bless
    you sister

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