America: A Revolt is in Planning


In 2015, I spoke about a vivid dream that I had regarding martial law starting in Chicago.

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In the dream, I saw military troops in hummers and stainless-steel 18-wheelers driving along the lake front and seizing the citizens.  This dream can be found on previous videos and interviews.

Chicago, which is my hometown, surpassed a twenty-year record for murders in 2016, with 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims.

President Trump threatening to bring in Federal enforcement, I believe might come to fruition with eyebrow raising results.

The fact is, the state of Illinois is predominantly democratic and has a long history of political corruption, going back decades.  It also has a history of being home base to notorious gangs, including the mafia.

Now the meaning of “sending in the feds” has only one of two outcomes;

  1. Contract with the Dept of Homeland Security to bring in federal agents to report and work with the local Chicago police, in attempt to curb crime.  But the problem with this scenario is that it is very costly, and might uncover mass corruption that will trace all the way back to the White House, and eventually dissolve the original goal.
  2. Bring in Martial Law through military enforcement.  This is only feasible through an amendment of the Posse Comitatus Act, which allows the military to arrest US civilians under state of emergency.  This can easily be implemented if federal agents are met with resistance…  and this is highly likely.

I am mentioning all this to say that if President Trump indeed brings in federal enforcement, he may very well be met with mass resistance, due to the fact that he is not on the “popular” side with the people of Chicago, nor the state of Illinois; whether that be peaceful resident, or corner thug.

This past weekend, a quarter of a million Chicagoans took to the streets of downtown to protest Trump’s presidency.  May I also mention that Obama is planing to open one of his main “offices” in the heart of Chicago.  Need I say anymore?

I want you to know that there is a mass revolt being planned, even now as I write this.  We as Christians truly need to keep our eyes and ears opened, and our spirit-man alert.

We cannot simply say, “God is in control” and think everything is okay, because although He is most definitely in control, we must understand that under His control we’ve had two world wars, dictators, mass genocides, countless civil wars, a holocaust, revolutions, terrorism, Christian persecution, slavery, and anarchy.

All of that being said, we need to make sure we are seeking total direction from the LORD, and not allow the sparkle of our new president to blind us from the reality of the times we still live in.



Shabbat Shalom
~ Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Mena Lee GrebinMena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries operates in the office of a prophet, ministers, counsels, mentors and prays for anyone who is in need of Christ’s eternal love.  Her purpose is to bring His {Jesus Christ} truth and light to a lost generation.

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