America: Entering its Dark Night of History


Early this morning, the LORD begin speaking to me by saying, “dark night of history”.  I said, “What do you mean?”  His answer came quickly.

After I had told my wife Celeste about what the Lord has spoken,  Then she received a Word as well.  I posted it on the bottom of this Word…………

Here is what He said:

“America is entering its dark night of history.

Days ahead are getting very dark.  To the place, the way will be hard.  Just know this, it is the enemy who wants to stop light from shining, so it can have its sway.

I AM here leading you into this darkness and in it you will see more clearly, because My Light shines brightest in the night!

I move to open the eyes of those slumbering ones who have thought they can do nothing and all will turn out right.  My moving and allowing this darkness has eyes to see; all who enter will have to get the vision.  Have I not said, “Without a Vision, people perish”?

Many in this America land have stopped looking and do not see the danger.  But now they will not just see it, but begin to experience it.  Thus they will be jarred into the Light.

I AM that I AM, and I AM LIGHT.  Darkness cannot win over my Light, so I am not worried, no, Not even fearful.

I am calm and collective, knowing very well how this evil darkness will end. I say, there is rising, a huge Army, and the Army will go out to crush the foe.

But know the battle will be Spiritual and you will see only because of Me, because even in the darkness I can see.  So see with Me and walk in understanding.

Worry and fret not about the dark night for it will go down in history even as the Dark Ages.

The fact of the Dark Night will be remembered by all my awakened people and many who do not know me will awaken in the night.”

Words of explanation

The LORD said to me:

“Did I not already tell you that when they go South that there would be a eruption and beginning of shaking?

Did all not experience shaking in South Carolina?  Consider what just happened in Chicago and know it was bad, yet wait till you see Florida!”

I heard the LORD reminding me about the confusing days in Florida [In a previous political election of George Bush, when Florida did try to stop a former presidential win by messing with the votes].

Expect there to be much darkness in Florida.  The entrenched leaders of darkness will fight openly for their rights to remain.  They will try to do all to stop any change in their gained positions.

Now we will see those who hide in the “Shadow Government” because: Now the LORD will move to expose them for all to see, when they raise up their ugly head to try to control.]

We must all pray for these days, because darkness will be on the land.  The LORD did not tell me how long this darkness would remain on the land but he indicated that during the darkness many would be enlightened and even many saved.

The LORD did not tell me that America would raise up again and be as before, only that there was coming enlightening to his People in America and that they would rise up.

For some years now, the LORD has warned me over and over, that America was headed for great shakings and hard times.

Now I believe that darkness is getting darker…  And that those spoken to me about are truly upon us.

Watch Florida.  Keep your eyes open for the truth to come forth to reveal many evil men and women in this land who have lied about their real agenda.  They have wanted many to think they are conservative, but they really are aligned with the liberal and evil agenda.

Pray for the People of God to see clearly in that darkness.  Prayer that is based upon the known will of God gives us all the confidence that when they pray for that will of God to be done, it will be done.

*  *  *  *  *

I have written this Word in obedience to my Lord and post it here for all to see and understand. Lord open your People’s Eyes to SEE in this DARK NIGHT OF HISTORY.

~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey


“It will come like a blast from the past, people will not understand.

Encourage My people to keep their eyes on me, for only I know the way.  

Love is cheap many times, but my Love will Shine Through.  Trust me as we go into this and let My Light Shine through You.

I AM here leading and guiding, don’t second guess me; trust me.  I will bring you through.

The Way will be very bumpy but keep your eyes on me and the Way will be clear to see. Don’t worry about anything; just put your trust in me.  No fear for I AM here.”

*  *  *  *  *

Celeste DeweyIn obedience to the Lord, I post this word which He gave me moments after the LORD gave Ken his words above….

~ Celeste Dewey


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