America: God is Doing a New Thing!

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America: God is Doing a New Thing!

Those who put their full trust in the LORD in America shall not be shaken.  They will know that God is doing a new thing.

It may not be what we want, but if it is what God wants, we remain still.  Remember His Word must come to pass.

When God wants to do something here on earth, He uses a man.  There is new man in power, so there is a new thing God is doing now.

However, in a new move such as this, those who are not rooted in God’s Word begin to wonder, murmur and end up left behind in the wilderness.

Move with the spirit of God and you will know that God’s ways are not our ways, so when He decides that America must be saved, He will use just about anything to make America go on its knees and cry to Him.

Something is about to happen that will make us hide in our closets and seek God like never before.

Holy Spirit fire purge America.

Holy Spirit, uproot the wrong altars in America and replace with the right.

Holy Spirit, rekindle Your fire in the hearts of the people of America.

Have your way LORD.

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh,”   John 3:8.

* * 2 * *

Better ask God to make your heart strong in this season, because the will of God has to be done in the nations of the world.

Many will see sudden changes happening in the physical and refuse to believe that God would have ochestrated such things to happen but before there is a new thing established.  The old must be shaken, broken and buried.

Watch and pray as much begins to shake in the nations, but God is in control of all things.

* * 3 * *

Have you ever made a costly mistake which seems to follow you every year of your life?

Today tell the LORD to bury it.

Tell the LORD you want him to send that matter into the grave.  As long as you learnt your lesson and in humility repented, your request to God is valid and will be considered if only you have faith.

I Declare to you, every mistake you made which the enemy uses to disturb your peace must be buried in Jesus’ mighty name.

* * 4 * *

You have been resting in God’s presence, but suddenly the enemy is coming up at you with a demand notice-take it back to God in stillness.  You need not to panic – God is in control.


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Esther HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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