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  1. Heal my fractured heart my Daddy. I need you, you hear when I call out to you My accusers are all hidden fr before me. I’m hated persecuted, all manner of wickness surrounds me on my job. Abba I love my enemies inspite of the persecution. The pain and sufferings I endured. Forgive them they know not what they do. I bless and pray for their salvation. Deliver me speedily
    My enemies hate me. I hurt. I cry,you put me here to be a Great Blessings for your people so many are indeed for me yet two maybe 3 are against me I’m being punished suspended without pay. Despised mocked. Victory is assured to me. I will stand in righteousness and in all truth for you are in me me in you knowing I can not failed. I am set free fromy accusers for it is nailed to the cross. I love you Daddy. Thank you for never leaving me. I’m just talking go you Daddy, sharing what you already know what is on my heart before I speak it forth. Blessongs

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