America – Listen!

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America – Listen!

“America listen!”  I hear the spirit say, “In this hour a war is raging, the spirit of the eagle, shall destroy the spirit of the vulture”

This evening while praying for the Nations, I had a Vision that I believe is both prophetically significant for the Nation of America and the Body of Christ in this hour.

In this encounter, I saw a very large Eagle circling high above the Nation of America, as I watched this Powerful, Bold and Beautiful Bird soar high in the skies, suddenly a very large Vulture swooped down upon the Eagle.

I watched as the Vulture and the Eagle began to fight one another.  The Vulture violently attacked the Eagle.  Both birds wrestled and fought one another when suddenly, the Vulture gave out a high pitched cry and immediately another Vulture appeared out of the sky.

I watched as now both Vultures relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked the Eagle from every angle.  I watched as the Eagle fought back with great strength and power.  I watched as the Eagle fought powerfully against both vultures.  I watched as its sharp claws ripped and tore at the Vultures wings and breast causing one of the vultures to die and fall from the skies.

Suddenly, I saw a Strong and Powerful whirlwind come up from the sea and move swiftly towards the fighting birds.  I watched as the mighty Whirlwind lifted the Eagle, carrying it higher and higher until it was out of sight.  I watched closely as the remaining Vulture tried with all its strength to remain flying, but it had become too weak and vulnerable, it could not fly against the strength of the Mighty Whirlwind or withstand the strength, resilience and Power of the Mighty Eagle.

The Vulture was utterly defeated, I watched as it fell to the ground and died!

Friends, I submit and believe that this Vision represents a “Waring between the Spirit and the Flesh.”

I submit there is a War that rages in this hour over the Destiny of America, and a War that is raging over the Destiny of the Church.  There is a battle between two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of LIGHT and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Now, as we know Vultures are scavenger birds of prey, they feed upon dead and rotting animals, the Vulture represents the works of the flesh and the demonic powers of darkness.

I believe in this Vision, the vulture represents a counterfeit spirit that has been released by hell in this hour.  It is a spirit of deception and destruction, a powerful demonic spirit that has been assigned by Satan to Steal, Kill, and destroy.

This spirit comes to silence the voice of the True Church and her Prophets, and I believe prophetically it is a spirit that has come to derail, distort and ultimately destroy the True Identity and Destiny of America in this hour.

In this Vision I believe the Eagle represents the Power of the Spirit of God.  It represents the Power of the Prophetic and it represents the True Authority and True Identity of the Overcoming Bride of Christ.  It also represents the Destiny and Freedom of America.

I submit the enemy has planned a vicious and unexpected attack upon the Body of Christ and the Nation of America in this hour.

I hear the Spirit say, “Fear not, for I AM with you America!”

Friends, the power of the vulture is no match for power of the mighty eagle.  I prophesy the eagles will arise to over come, overthrow and overturn the powers of darkness, and the eagles shall be lifted and carried upon the mighty whirlwinds of the spirit.

I prophesy the eagles of god will arise in this hour and destroy the vultures of death and destruction.

I declare nothing shall stand against the power of the mighty eagle and I decree America, this is your hour of power and you shall prevail in great victory as the whirlwinds of the spirit lift and carry you higher and higher.

I see in the spirit a great gathering of mighty eagles arising in this hour over the Church and the nation of America.

America – Listen to the Word of The LORD!

I felt lead this morning to repost this word God gave me a month ago.

Praying for America in this hour!

America – listen to the word of the LORD!

“The spirit of truth is exposing the spirit of deception in this hour!”

I hear the Spirit say, “I shall deal swiftly with the spirit of deception and death over the nation of America.

Even now, there is a plotting and scheming to set a snare, for they have said to one another,  ‘Come let us join together and form an alliance, for surely two is better than one.'”

Now hear the word of LORD America,

“For many will say, ‘The race has been rigged,’ but you will rise up and declare, “The glory of the LORD has risen upon our nation.”

Beloved do not be afraid.  Do not be moved by what you see, for I shall uncover and bring to light that which has been laid in secret.

I AM exposing the spirit of witchcraft and divination that has defiled the White House

The spirit of truth shall now overthrow every false accusations and render powerless the lies of the enemy.  Watch for even those conversations behind closed doors shall be revealed, for nothing shall be concealed from My people in this hour.

My justice shall prevail and My mercy shall make way.  My love shall light a pathway to a mighty victory and I shall cause this nation to rise up from the ash heap.

Not by might nor by power but by My spirit, I shall make America stand strong, for even as I wrestled with Jacob, so I have wrestled with the nation of America.

I have heard the deep groanings of My people, “We will not let go, until you have blessed this nation!”

America, I have heard your cry and now I shall answer and you shall be blessed and I shall call you by a new name.  For even now I AM birthing a new thing in this hour and season.

The nations shall be drawn to light of My glory that has risen upon you America,”  says God.


~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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