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America! Pray Against Abdication! — 4 Comments

  1. I and my sister are from the Bahamas and we are praying for President Trump to stay strong. I pray that the Lord will use him just a while longer. I know that eventually the antichrist will be taking over and my prayer is that our Lord Jesus would order an injunction (like He did with Hezekiah) and give us a little while longer to bring in more of the lost into His Kingdom. Amen

  2. What a perfect word, Celeste. I felt he was flagging and heard the same ‘pray for him to keep standing’. the last days are the hardest. We are at one if those ‘But God’ moments and we do stand with him as he experiences the dark hours just before dawn.

  3. I was in church praying and I saw Trump standing on a small hill, and his enemies rushed towards him like a tide but he somehow was lifted onto a higher hill, and his enemies rushed in again at him to overwhelm him as a wave in the ocean, but he again was raised up above his enemies.

    I believe it is the faith and the prayers of faith that will lift Trump up, and the prophetic words in this season of delayed victory will show the army where to hit.

    The Lord will not put His people to shame.

  4. They have already been trying to get him to concede; however, President Trump has already said “I CONCEDE NOTHING”.  Yes their plots will not work and President Trump will be sworn in on 1-20-2021 for his second term.  YES WE MUST CONTINUE TO PRAY UNTIL THE SWEARING IN.

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