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Religious Strongholds — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry Lynn, a ‘bell’ speaks of liberty. It can also speak of the church. I believe that this is the time for you to be set free. Perhaps there is a visiting pastor who has an anointing to set you free. Being thirsty is a plus because you can drink as much Living Water as you want.

  2. Lynn, I prayed that you will receive the anointing. You need to find an anointed church, most likely a Pentecostal church. You may need to be set free from the spirit of religion. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to a church. The more water that you drink from the river of God, the more water will flow in the river!

  3. Although Martin Luther wrote about the Holy Spirit, he didn’t give much attention to anointings. The anointing is the connection between a believer and the Holy Spirit. I received the anointing at about 35 yo and it was not in the Lutheran church. However, there was a great conquest over the spirit of religion because the Father shared the ‘keys to anointings’ with me! The bride is the anointed church. The harlot is the church without anointing. Now is the time to seek the Messiah, the Anointed One. Read the parable of the wise virgins.

    • Understood the Baptism of the Spirit yet received, though cried out for it…

      Always feeling like inside a bell jar just outside the Spirit, see it but can’t actually touch it…

      Asked the Spirit about speaking in tongues, i know others do, evidently not my gift…

      Just know it’s so more, just out of reach…

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