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America: Pray for the People of Texas! — 4 Comments

  1. Mena,
    I remembered how you mentioned the big hurricane that would hit that area. You’re in our prayers daily.
    God bless……

  2. In Switzerland every week more and more heavy thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and increasing damage. Yesterday 4 million !!!! cubic meters mudslide from a mountain area destroyed houses and streets, 8 people are still missed. I asked the LORD and He led me to Isaiah 66:16 and to another Holy Scripture where He announces that He melts mountains down and burns vehicles with fire.  Everyone who lives in sin, unforgiveness or pride must repent now. Time is running out. There will be no more mercy soon. HE is the BOSS of every stone, of all plants, animals and people. HE has given time and mercy enough. Too many wicked stubborn people have mocked Him and His Son and His saints and abused His entire creation.

  3. Amen! Thank you for this word from the Lord. He had told me yesterday morning ” the other shoe is about to drop.” I sensed something was coming and was lead to pray for the U.S.

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