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“Give to me on a platter the head of Trump”

Stay alert, stay vigilant for there is a battle raging!

Last night while praying about the word I got on a ‘Security Breach‘, I heard these words, “Give to me on a platter the head of Trump!”

I knew instinctively that these were the words of the enemy.  God was revealing Satan’s hand to me.  He was making known his evil intentions towards President-elect Donald Trump and the sons and daughters of the Most High in this hour and season in the Nation of America.

So I continued to wait, listen and watch carefully for the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Then suddenly it was quickened to me the Story of King Herod, Herodias, Salome and the Beheading of John the Baptist.  Then again I heard the same words again, but this time much clearer, “Give to me on a platter the head of Trump!”

So I remained pressing into the LORD for greater clarity and understanding.  Suddenly I had a very powerful and very poignant encounter, where I felt like I was watching and reliving a moment of biblical history, but in real time!

It was over the next 2 hours that the Holy Spirit began to unravel this very poignant and moving story about King Herod, Herodias, Salome and the Beheading of John the Baptist!

As I listened intently to the Holy Spirit, He began to reveal to me many powerful prophetic parallels between what took place in that time in history and what is NOW taking place in this hour and season in America.

I was shown many secret meetings that are taking place right now behind closed doors.  There are those who are plotting and scheming the demise of Donald Trump and there are those who desire to see his head upon a platter.

The spirit of God showed and revealed to me many of the hidden heart motives and unrighteous agendas of those that are currently in power.  I saw the evil and corrupt intentions and actions of many leaders within the Government that are working endlessly and relentlessly even now to overturn the recent Presidential Victory.

I was also shown many ungodly alliances that are taking place in this hour with many leaders from other Nations.

But then I heard these words, “Fear not, for I have lifted up a standard against the works of the enemy in this nation.  The powers of darkness shall not overcome the power of My light and glory, for My kingdom is now advancing in greater power and authority and My eternal purposes are being established in this hour”!

Now, as this gruesome and powerful story continued to unfold before me, the Spirit of God began to strongly emphasise the word “BEHEADED” to me, and then He spoke again to me saying, “Daughter My hand is now moving to uncover and expose those from the middle-eastern Nations who have blackmailed and held this Nation to ransom.  Watch, for no longer will the power of the twisting serpent from the East lay siege to this great nation.”

Then I was shown the Spirit of Islam, which is a Serpent/ Leviathan spirit moving with great power, momentum and acceleration across the Nation in these days.

I saw that this powerful and demonic spirit has found its way into the hearts of many willing vessels within the American Government.  This serpent spirit’s ultimate goal and agenda is for total domination and control over those in leadership positions in this Nation.

Now, as I continued to walk through this harrowing story of John’s beheading, I saw that just like in that day, today, one of satan’s most powerful tactics is to influence and use the most unlikely of people.  He chooses the most impressionable, the weak and the vulnerable, because they are easy to control and manipulate.  They quickly become his fighter pawns used to carry out the destructive purposes of the kingdom of darkness upon the earth.

The Holy Spirit then began to impress deeply upon my heart, Chelsea, the daughter of Hillary Clinton.  As I prayed for her, I saw in the spirit what looked like a very large three pronged hook that was deeply embedded in her heart.

I saw that the same spirit of bitterness and hatred that has controlled, manipulated and manifested through her own mother for many years, is the same spirit that has now taken hold of her.  This spirit is a defiling spirit.  It seeks to have power, recognition and great influence over the lives of people and at any cost.  This powerful and demonic spirit is controlling, relentless and ruthless.

Friends, I discern this is a dangerous spiritual situation for the Nation.

As a Watchman, I strongly encourage you to be praying for the right battle strategy in how to bring breakthrough and bring release to this powerful 3-strand-cord of the enemy that is at work in the midst of you.

I believe God is calling in this hour for His Watchmen to be faithful, courageous and steadfast, in standing against that which the enemy has already pre-planned and purposed for the life of this young woman and indeed her mother.

I see that satan desires to use and influence Hillary Clinton’s daughter greatly for the kingdom of darkness in the days ahead.  If this should happen, it will be greatly detrimental to the lives of many in this Nation.

STAND NOW TO DECREE;  That every weapon of darkness formed against this Nation’s future and the future generations of this Nation, will be rendered powerless, ineffective and totally unproductive.

In this hour, I implore you to read and mediate on this powerful story, and as you do this, I believe the Holy Spirit will begin to release even greater revelation and some powerful keys on how to strategically and effectively overturn the secret plans, purposes and agendas of the enemy in this season, and in the future seasons to come.

Thanks to Google search, this is some interesting back ground information I found on this powerful story.  As you take time to read it, I pray that you too will see many of the powerful prophetic parallels that I saw that are taking place right now in this Nation, and you will begin to pray from a higher vantage point!


Scripture References  —  Matthew 14:3-12;  Mark 6:14-24;  Luke 3:19-20.

All the Women of the BibleName Meaning — As a member of the Herodian dynasty, perhaps the most despicable dynasty history has known, the name Herodias is but the female form of Herod, the royal name for the political rulers during the time of Christ and the apostles.  It was under the vile and cruel orders of the Herods that Jesus and His followers were often persecuted and punished.  Herod means “heroic” — not very applicable to the Herodian family, the majority of whom, particularly Herodias, were more hellish than heroic.

Family Connections — Herodias was the daughter of Aristobulus, son of Herod the Great and Mariamne, daughter of Hyrcanus.  Her first husband was Philip I, son of Herod the Great and Mariamne, so she married her own uncle, by whom she had a daughter, Salome, whom her mother used to destroy John the Baptist.  When Herod Antipas visited Rome, he was entertained by Philip and Herodias. Herod abducted his royal brother’s wife.  His own wife, an Arabian princess, was an obstacle to an illicit marriage, so he divorced her, and Herodias became queen in her stead, and with her daughter was installed in the palace.  “The corroding immorality of Herod’s race shows itself in his marriage with Herodias his brother’s wife and the wanton offense thereby given to Jewish sensibilities.”

Among the female characters in God’s portrait gallery there are many wicked women as we are discovering, but surely Herodias stands out among them as one of the most vile and vicious.  Amid the putrefying influence of the palace, however, there was one man who knew no fear, John the Baptist. Herod “feared” him and regarded him as “a just man” and whom “he heard gladly.”  Herod found music in the preacher’s message until he sternly rebuked the king by saying of Herodias, “It is not lawful for thee to have her.”  But such a warning bell was to toll the Baptist’s doom.  For his faithful rebuke of Herod’s sin, John was cast into prison, and the evil, scheming mind of Herodias began to work.  She was stung by the arrow from the preacher’s quiver and hated him for exposing her shame. “For Herodias’ sake,” he was imprisoned and thus the greatest of the prophets was sacrificed for this lewd and vicious woman.  But the hatred of such a vile creature was more to be desired than her affection Herodias, with her conscience in turmoil because of her accuser, planned to silence him.  She did not want Herod to listen too closely and constantly to John’s forceful preaching.  She feared her illegal husband — for her first husband was still alive — might repent, and her position as queen, imperiled.

Herodias knew Herod only too well.  He easily succumbed to sensual excitement, and as his birthday drew near her foul design was hatched.  On the day when drink freely flowed, Herodias used her own daughter to inflame Herod’s passions.  She was willing to sacrifice her child’s modesty in order to bend Herod to her will. Herod was overcome by Salome’s form seen through the flowing flimsy garment she wore, and influenced by the act of the dancing girl took a rash and foolish oath to give her whatever she asked, even to half of his kingdom.  Approaching her mother, Salome said, “What shall I ask?”  Without hesitation Herodias, the female hyena, replied, “Ask for the head of John the Baptist.”  Returning to Herod she presented her demand, and Herod was extremely sorry at such a request.  Yet, because of his oath’s sake, he sacrificed the preacher whom he regarded as just and holy, and all because of his guilty love for a vile woman.  No wonder he was smitten with fear when he heard of the fame of Jesus, thinking it was John the Baptist risen from the dead to torment his conscience further.  One wonders how Salome felt when the gory dish of the preacher’s head was handed to her?

Herodias’ Old Testament counterpart was Jezebel.  What Herodias was to Herod, Jezebel was to Ahab.  Both Ahab and Herod were wicked, and in both cases the woman was more wicked.  Both Jezebel and Herodias fostered hate that became deadly against a prophet of God.  Jezebel hated Elijah and sought to kill him — Herodias hated John the Baptist, the New Testament Elijah, and succeeded in his murder.  What was the end of Herodias?  Since she was the source of Herod’s sin, Herodias also became the source of his shame.  According to Josephus, Herodias’ ambition was the ruin of Herod.  Jealous of the power of Agrippa her brother, she prodded Herod to demand of Caligula, the emperor, the title of king.  Agrippa saw to it that this demand was refused, and Herod was banished and ended his days in shame and exile.  The pride of Herodias forced her to be faithful to her husband in the disgrace and misfortune she herself had caused.”

© 1988 Zondervan. All Rights Reserved  (Extract from All the Women of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer, pages 68-69.)

I Declare:  Victory, victory belongs to the sons and daughters of God!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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