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The Fathers Are Birthing in the Latter Rain! — 1 Comment

  1. “Rain Maker Anointing” – this speaks volumes to me.
    So often rain started to come down, often in soft rainfall, sometimes in a heavy rainfall, mostly after or I had fought some hard battles with success. I just was wondering, and now I read your precious article this Sunday morning, after having been blessed through our Missionary Church`s online live sermon. I couldn`t go there personally, for a homeless person slept here until 3 AM in the night and then his body again needed his methadon and alcohol and he went away. I am so tired and a flu seems to overtake me again. I do not sit at home without housework and other tasks. He brought much dirt into my rooms, but he was blessed to hear hymns and Jonathan Cahn`s Aaronic Blessing. And I want to confirm: It started again to rain last night, just for 1 minute. These are all heavenly signs and God`s responses. I am so grateful how God shows up and comforts me.

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