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  1. The true believers in America love Israel, knowing that they are the apple of God’s eye. And we love them because as born again believers we share so much with them, namely our messiah. It’s our government that may or may not love Israel? We pray for the peace of Israel. This map shows much of the USA going into the ocean? In this case, are God’s own people to flee these areas? It looks like all of Nevada, most of Arizona, where we live, is gone also? Very troubling.

  2. I agree with u Bro. Dewey I feel soon the ground will shake. I live in Louisiana which looking at map wipe out so I praying if God is telling me to leave. I am preaching to bunch of sleepy people warning them yet not listening. So sad. U are right on

  3. Are you a prophet of God?  Is this true?  Does God want me to stay where I am in Georgia. I feel the need to leave but I also feel that I should stay. I’m old now. Do I have any role in the future?  Will my family survive these end days. I believe. Jesus is my friend and savior. The Holy Ghost knows me and helps me believe even deeper. God is my Father and Creator. I place my trust in the Lord but I am concerned about my wife and family. Please, pray for me. Multiple sclerosis has tried so hard to take me. I fight it but there are days it seems to win. I pray that My Mom and Jesus will come and take me home when I die. Do you see this happening?  I feel my Mom’s presence often and my Grandfather. Sometimes my son.  God has blessed me in ways that I don’t even realize. Jesus has protected me. But I cant live forever. I now have numerous medical issues. Doves appear in my backyard daily. Sometimes five or six. I enjoy watching them. What do they represent?  What should I be doing?  Our country is a mess. I am concerned that Biden will destroy us all.  Evil seems to be everywhere. What do you say?

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