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America: Support God’s Weary Warrior! — 23 Comments

  1. We will continue to and have been praying for our President Trump. We know God is in control and will do His Perfect Will for our nation and His world. Thank you for sending these messages to us!

  2. Thank you for this amazing word!  I too have had a dream about President Trump a few months before the election.  He came and walked arm in arm with me (representing Canada) for which I was most grateful for our country needs help too!  Then I saw President Trump walk alone through the tall grass and up on a mountain top, he was alone and I saw him crying out to the Lord for help. The sun and (the Son, was shining upon him at this time).  I knew the lord was strengthening him at this time. 
    Yes, indeed, the watchmen must pray in this hour for President Trump for his arms to be lifted up and the victory to come in Jesus name!! Hallelujah!!

  3. I too support Donald Trump through prayer and intercession, I am sure the Lord has something awesome for him, he might be down but he isn’t out

  4. Yes, a timely and apt word, because at this moment in time Donald can only intercede as a Moses, while he looks on at the legal battle being waged by his loyal lieutenant Rudy Giuliani as a Joshua.  We raise up Donald Trump’s arms in faith!  May God arise and His enemies be scattered!

  5. Thanks to God who awakens prophetic voices all over the world to communicate and confirm what Holy Spirit is saying in all who have ears to hear. Thanks to Veronika for the brilliant dreams described so well they are in “Technicolor”. It amplifies the fear of the Lord to hear of so many from far-away lands pray for America. I get a little weepy and amazed every time these types of encouraging words are shared. God is truly Lord over all the earth!

  6. Yes. I’m praying for our president Donald Trump. Thank you for sharing your prophetic dreams. I every day check if God sends us something new. God bless you and continue using you as a powerful instrument against the evil.

  7. Thank you for putting AUTHOR ARCHIVES at the top of your page. This is very convenient to be able to quickly review all the things the Spirit of God has said and shown to you for the sake of others.  I often tell others to go search your website for your words. This makes it easy for new people to CATCH UP and regular viewers and readers to review so that no word from the Lord is wasted or lost.  When a word from God is lost, something else is always lost. Example: King Saul was to wait seven days at Gilgal for Samuel to come and tell him what to do. He didn’t wait the full seven days but instead offered the sacrifice himself, stepping into an office that was not his (priest) and so Samuel never gave him the “word of the Lord”. Because the word of the Lord was LOST the KINGDOM was lost.  So let us all be careful to not lose words given by the Spirit.  This user friendly archive helps us a lot.  Thank you so much. I will make good use of it.  Blessings in Christ, Wes Daughenbaugh

  8. Yes, I stand with God and Trump and with the remnant that has not lost faith that God his going to give us four more years to bring in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven!  I pray for mercy and justice…..expose the evil and open eyes to the whore of Babylon across the earth across the earth that has been ruling, but we shall say, Babylon has fallen, has fallen!  In the name of Jesus, let it be so almighty God!

  9. My God, I decree and declare Victory and Freedom over President Donald J. Trump through the Power of the Finished Work of Cross in the Power of the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord.
    Father, I decree and declare all evidence of corruption and injustice concerning the Election is now being exposed, in the Power of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Father, I decree and declare the Church in the United States of America has humbled ourselves and prayed, we have sought Your Face and turned from our wicked ways. Father I thank You now for Your Faithfullness in turning to hear our prayers, forgiving our sins, and healing and restoring our Land.
    Father, I intercede for the occult which has risen up against Your plans for this Great Nation, I give them to the Power of Your Unfailing Eternal Possibilities and Your Arm of Salvation, nowhere near too short to save them…or their families and loved ones. I ask You Father to take what the devil has meant for destruction and work it for good instead, that You may be glorified in their worship of You their Creator, the Author and Finisher of their Faith. Pour out Your Spirit up on their flesh that they may prophesy, calling upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and find Salvation.
    Gracious Heavenly Father, I thank You for loving us so much that You have risen up in Holy Spirit Power in our neighboring Countries, providing prayer and encouragement. Bless them a hundred fold Dear God.

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