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America & Trump: All in One — 3 Comments

  1. God laughs, cries, comforts, strengthens, cheers for us and more.  He is God and pours out truth, righteousness, and justice over us. He never leaves us, nor forsakes us. He is always beside us.

    I hope you grow to know God in all His characteristics.

    I love spending time with Him because of all of them.  He has taught me so much through our relationship.

    God bless you! Bev

  2. Thank you for this message, and for the reminder of the burning bush.

    Thank you for reminding me of the example of Moses, and that God raises up leaders. God knows what is ahead, and has spent many years preparing leaders for our current times. It’s reassuring to remember that God wins.

    Sometimes I feel that I don’t have enough faith, but then I remind myself of where I was a few years ago and I realize I have made progress. I still need to work harder to be like the centurion, though.

    • God says, My Son, you have more faith than you know.  You have had to go through much, but I have been with you the whole way. You have been building your faith through it all.

      Do not give up or let go of My robe.  For I am the One who keeps you ALWAYS, EVER CLOSE TO MY HEART.

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