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An Urgent Word for California, America! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you woman of God for sharing. If you ever receive a Word from above for Africa, do know that there is at least one ear to listen. God bless you!

  2. Amen. The LORD has also taken me to deep revelation about his kingdom which I’m not free to disclose now.
    I resonate with all the revelation the LORD has given you.
    I shall stand we California and Australia prayer.
    I glorify God, thank the Holy Spirit and the WORD.
    God bless your ministry.

  3. Veronika,

    Thank you for your faithfulness! This is a very very true word, as all of them have been! I receive prophetic psalms from the LORD to sing into the nation, and they have many times been echoing your posts. I just received a song on the 22nd He is calling: America Fall on Your Knees and Pray!- about the healing of the nation. So far mine is a hidden work and will remain so until He says otherwise and makes a way. I have many songs for the nation (most good for all nations, actually) that have yet to be recorded. Thought some ready and HE has changed some lines, so all need to be redone! This is just for you. Prefer it not posted if is OK with you. Thanks. Btw, you amazing woman of God you, my favorite Bible teacher just posted a Tabernacles message that you would relish and rejoice in. Again, for you only if you are lead to check. I’m not advertising, just offering a post that had my spirit dancing! Yours will too!
    Love and blessings, beloved sister!

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