Pray for the Nation of Australia!


Watch and Pray for the Nation of Australia!

I have woken up for 3 days now, with an urgency, concerning to pray for the nation of Australia.

The Holy Spirit has taken me to this encounter for 3 days.

An urgent Word concerning the nation of Australia: “Watch!  For the land will be suddenly and violently shaken and divided.”

At exactly 3:33 a.m. this morning I was awoken suddenly by the presence of an Angel standing at the foot of my bed.

As I opened my eyes, I was almost overcome by a strong fragrance that filled the room.

As I sat up, the Angel of The LORD spoke to me saying, “Daughter of man, arise quickly and sound the alarm.

Watch!  For the nation of Australia will soon be violently shaken and divided by a mighty earthquake.

For the Sword of The LORD will now fall upon this nation and all shall see His Hand of judgment move swiftly and severely across the land”!

I immediately began to pray in the spirit and again the Angel spoke to me again saying, “Daughter of man, arise quickly and sound the alarm, for the nation of Australia will be violently and suddenly shaken by a mighty earthquake.”

Upon hearing these words again, I tried to speak, but I was not permitted to talk, but only to listen.

Then I watched as the Angel of The LORD lifted his right hand revealing what looked like an ancient scroll.

As I looked at the scroll, I saw these words written in gold, “He sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people,”   (Ezekiel 33:3).

Then the Angel then spoke yet again to me saying, “Daughter of man, arise quickly, sound the alarm, for the hour of His Judgement is come to this nation”!

At that moment the Angel of The LORD left the room and the fragrance of his presence dissipated.

I felt shaken to my core as I lay on the floor of my room.

I began to weep for the nation of Australia and the coming judgement upon the the land.

I cried to The LORD that He would show mercy in the midst of judgement.

This morning I have wept over and over again after the encounter with the Angel of The LORD.

I will remain in serious prayer for the nation of Australia in this hour, for a great and violent shaking is coming to the land and it shall be divided and many lives will be destroyed.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Pray for the Nation of Australia! — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you sister. Ive been waiting for over a year for this word. Ive felt a quickening in my spirit that Gods wrath is coming very soon for Australia. Can you tell me if the most destruction is east or west? I feel east where the Gov parliment is pushing LGBT gat marriage and islamic takeover . God bless and protect you xx

  2. We are praying for Australia. Lord Jesus will protect the people , if they look upon Him for His Mercy. Amen

  3. Veronika, THAT CALL COME TO ME SOME 40 DAYS AGO, after ANZAC time calls. Instability had been for some 18 month since what Parliament in Canberra accepted through the AU-PM as General Governor of AUS representing ERQII. That SHAKE in already walking, including part of NZ as well. Many DEMONIC EVIL ABSALOM LEVIATHAN FORCES ARE WINING BATTLES IN THE WHOLE CONTINENT. LET’S CALL FOR MORE PRAYERS INTERNATIONALLY TO JOINT YOUR CALL AGREEMENT IN FAITH I PRAY IN JESUS NAME, AMÉN..!