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Pray for the Nation of Australia! — 8 Comments

  1. Veronika, THAT CALL COME TO ME SOME 40 DAYS AGO, after ANZAC time calls. Instability had been for some 18 month since what Parliament in Canberra accepted through the AU-PM as General Governor of AUS representing ERQII. That SHAKE in already walking, including part of NZ as well. Many DEMONIC EVIL ABSALOM LEVIATHAN FORCES ARE WINING BATTLES IN THE WHOLE CONTINENT. LET’S CALL FOR MORE PRAYERS INTERNATIONALLY TO JOINT YOUR CALL AGREEMENT IN FAITH I PRAY IN JESUS NAME, AMÉN..!

  2. Thank you sister. Ive been waiting for over a year for this word. Ive felt a quickening in my spirit that Gods wrath is coming very soon for Australia. Can you tell me if the most destruction is east or west? I feel east where the Gov parliment is pushing LGBT gat marriage and islamic takeover . God bless and protect you xx

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