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The Harvest Is Plenteous — 3 Comments

  1. Lord, help me to work for you now & beyond. Forgive me for wasting the opportunity & for being idle for sometimes following the pandemic. Holy spirit fill me afresh, empower & guide me where I need to take the Gospel of Christ to. God increase your Anointing, Pastor Reinke. Thank you

    • Amen.
      We are two now, asking, even pleading, by the heart of Christ, to be a good worker.

      Let our prayerd resound in the heavens to the ‘Lord of the Harvest’, the only owner of the lands. He will help all of us on what we have to do; and to do it right! He will help us, even physically, but mainly raising us by the Spirit, with wisdom and might, and power, to do the work in His lands.

      Blessings from Him, for all.

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