And Great Fear, Came Upon All The Church


There is perhaps a question that must be asked.  Just why were there certain things in the scriptures, that were not well stressed or had little mention?

We are not to live in fear; or let it control our lives.  Since this post is already being called to question, let’s talk about this emotion called fear, for a moment.  There are many things, that makes good sense, to be afraid of today; and always was. What are they.

Trying to beat a train across the tracks.  Playing with matches.  The running a stop sign or traffic light.  Sticking your hand into a fire.  Attempting to make electrical repairs, without turning the power off.  Pouring gasoline on a pile to be burned, standing too close when you light it.

More could be added.  We once had a fear of going to Hell; often the telling was overdone, but it was something we had to consider.  There were many fears, that helped to keep balance.  Like, stirring up a wasp nest or stepping on a snake.

The Holy Ghost had just dealt with a couple of people.  They were misrepresenting something, when it wasn’t even necessary to do so.  Unity was broken in the group; division and self-interest had arisen.  The apostle wrote, that those in leadership, knew that they had lied to the Holy Ghost.  How do we know that the Holy Spirit of God, was offended?  Because they both fell dead when confronted.

There was a time, we had more fear of the LORD; there were some things, we didn’t dare do.  There was a line, that was not crossed.

What happened next, after this great fear came upon all of the church?  The very next verse says: And by the hands of the apostles, were, “many signs and wonders” among the people. It’s true now, as it was years back, that many are hoping for revival. It must be declared, that there will be no revival, without the fear of the LORD.  Until people are hungry enough, to deal openly about what it is that needs to be revived, things will only continue as is.

If there happened to be a deep move of the Spirit, there are many who would yet attempt to stand in the way.  These less than healthy control issues, would still think they can thwart what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

This time, He might choose to do the same as He did, after Pentecost came in full.  According to His own words, Jesus Christ intends to do genuine house cleaning, before He returns for His church.  If those offending believed that, it truly is likely, they would keep a much lower profile.  There would be no more material idols; or the worshipping of men.  Great fear came.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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