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  1. I am blessed by this post, before it did not answer the question of my heart.




  2. I hope you will write sometime about the three people you have met who were resurrected. I think all of us would like to hear!

    I am blessed each day by your posts. Thank you for participating in the Elijah List!

    • One day, when the Lord releases me to do so. I can say that two of them are still with us, but the third – my mentor – passed about two years ago.
      Blessings to you

  3. I am begging anyone with the answer, HOW?  I have prayed in faith to bind demons and seen and experienced instant results.  I have prayed for healing of emotions and experienced instant results. But physical healing?  Nothing.  My prayers for physical healings for myself and others seem to be powerless! I have tried to bind spirits of infirmity, commanded joints and organs to heal, commanded headaches to leave, asked the Holy Spirit to heal, tried to visualize healing, etc. all in the name of Jesus, Yeshua.  I have searched the bible and typed out to proclaim healing bible verses over things.  “By His stripes, we are healed!”  How can I access physical healing for myself and others?  I have faith for it; in fact I feel entitled to it.  What am I doing wrong?  Anyone? Anyone sense a word from the Lord for me?  My physical ailments are relatively minor, so it is more I desire, with an aching heart, to help those with serious problems.  How can I pray over someone dying from cancer or in a wheelchair if non of these prayers ever seem to come true for me?

    • rsg – in his own words, Reinhardt Bonnke said, “I prayed for a thousand people before I ever saw one healed!” I don’t know the answer for you other than to say to keep on trying, keep asking, keep praying. God will honour your faith one day. I know it’s not easy but Jesus never said it would be easy, so I expect we need to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking – Matthew 7:7 – and it WILL be given to us.
      God bless you

        • Rsg, I totally see where you are coming from.  For years I have contemplated asking the question from that arise out of John 14:12
          Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

          I believe one day that I will have a part to play in this.  I could be one of these people.  In fact I believe it with every fiber of my being.  With everything going on in our world I believe the great harvest is upon us. I am being patient for the Lord to move within me.

          • Thanks Swim Dad.  I knew others must feel the same way.  I just went through three and a half years of caring for my mother who was in unrelenting pain.  Doctors would not help for fear of pain meds.  She was also bothered by demons in her dementia.  This is how the Lord proved to me I could bind demons as her mood would instantly change for better.  She has her relief in heaven now.  I find myself looking at every believer with a hurting limp or crooked gait, or disease and I am angry at the enemy for wounding that soul.  I can hope that these feelings are a preparation for the future.  You are right, I need to be patient. I need to learn to hear Him more clearly so I stay within His will.

    • I believe that this dream may answer your question: My friend and I were in a room where ministry was taking place and a very wrinkled, old bride dressed in white was preaching. There was a high window with a curtain covering it on the wall adjoining two rooms. My friend had a word of knowledge that the woman had the gift of healing, and I told her that she needed to relay that word to the woman. In the next scene, she walked past the bridesmaids knocking over the candlestick which in front of them and they all caught on fire. Afterwards, she gave the word of knowledge to the preacher-bride and she replied that it was a word of confirmation, but expressed anger because the bridesmaids had caught on fire.
      When my friend and I were literally in a room at a healing school, she remembered this dream she had 3 months prior, because the same window and curtain were in that room as seen in the dream.
      The old bride represents the church in the candlestick realm age, which is coming to an end. It is almost time for the Kingdom age to begin with those having the sevenfold spirit of God, not just gifts. The window covered by the curtain being too high to see through shows that the new revelation was concealed at that time. The refining fire must do its work as was shown by the Bridesmaids catching on fire. We must fulfill the chosen fast in Isaiah 58: 6-11 and go on into perfection. THEN we’ll see the miracles we’ve longed for.

  4. This was an encouragement and confirmation of what God has been showing me that I have been too timid to grab hold to. I am an encourager and I intend to encourage all those God places in my life to grasp hold of this and for us all to walk as He intended. I have been feeling and seeing His intense love for all living things being poured out and expect to see His glory!  God’s blessings.

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