Are “these signs” following you?


Some weeks ago, as I was sitting here writing what I felt the Lord had given me, I heard some noises outside on the ground below the upstairs window.  I got up and looked out to see what it was; there was nothing there.  It also happened on several occasions later; each time I got up and looked again.  Finally it came to me, what they really were.  See, many of us, are way out of practice; our senses are dull.

Some of us who know better, are going to make some mistakes, if we are not very careful. Jesus said, these signs, shall follow them that believe.  We need to note with real interest, that He did not say, that in the latter part of the twentieth century, and the first part of the twenty-first, they would no longer be happening or needed.  Think about these times we are living in.  It was evil spirits, making the noises outside; they could not get inside, and stop me from what I was speaking about here.  There was a true covering.

Every single time, before I sit down at this computer to write, I walk these floors, and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ, over this home; everything in it and around it, above it and below it.  I do the same, over my body, mind and spirit; the things I see, and the voices I hear.  I bind Satan and all of his evil hosts and those that follow them, and I cast them out of here.  I remind him, that he cannot overpower the blood of the Lamb, that he cannot stand against the name of Jesus Christ.  Some can argue over the validity of us pleading that blood over things; have your way.  It just works; always has.

Satan is very smart.  Don’t ever under-estimate that; if you do, he will use some things and some people, to completely blindside you.  I wrote a note called, “leave them alone.”  It made these demons, absolutely furious.  The next evening, I was inside the garage, and heard a loud bang outside, very close to my car.  I went outside but it was dark; I didn’t see anything.  Later, I realized, someone had taken their fist, and punched a huge dent in the back hatch of my car.  Someone walking by, did it with intense anger.  You see, I had forgotten to cover the car with the same name and the blood.

People are being very foolish to play church.  One might think, that the devil cannot run the aisles and talk in some kind of tongues; but he can.  If he is not being detected and cast out, on a regular basis, he’s there.  Programs do not bother him; he likes them.  Jesus cast them out, the disciples and the apostles cast them out, AND SO DID WE, in days gone by here.  Many call for mighty end-time revival in these last days.  If we think the enemy is going to sit idly by and let that happen, we are mistaken.  We are already seeing evil arising terribly.  Our people, are going to get hurt, if someone doesn’t know what they are doing.  These signs; must follow us, even now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




Are “these signs” following you? — 2 Comments

  1. Jesus did not say that evil spirits should be the ‘signs’.
    Healing and miracles would be the signs.
    He said resist the devil and he will flee from you.
    We resists the devil in perfect obedience to the Lord.
    When these kind of problems remains I believe we must ask the Lord if there is something in our lifes that need to change.
    Jesus casted out the demons, He had not an endless fight…

  2. Mark16….verses 15-18………..that IS the TRUTH, written for all to read , see and has the choice ;to accept or reject.Quite simple really.