Are We Spiritual Enough?


It took some of us, going outside the walls of our understanding, to find out something that we didn’t fully realize before.  It was, that there was actually a big difference, between religion, and spirituality.  We felt that we could see that in other denominations, but in no way, could we relate it to ourselves.  I didn’t know this post would go in this direction, but it is.  We could look like, act like, talk like, and not be like, Christ.  If anyone had told us that we could attend church several times a week, run the aisles and dance, sing in the choir and even play an instrument, and not be spiritual, we would have been mightily, highly offended.

But there is a difference; and there always was.  Some of us can see now, that we were taught to remain loyal to our church, no matter what.  The fact was, everyone of us who gathered together, at one time or another, saw those who weren’t spiritual.  We knew that; it just wasn’t right to say anything about it.  I believe today, that many of us, were loving and kind people.  We did not want to hurt anyone, and we absolutely striven, to see the best in others and pray for those who were weak; even some in the leadership.

Flesh and self, does not produce true spirituality.  It almost seemed like blasphemy, to think that there were those around us, who were not full of the Spirit.  All of the praying we might do for them, did not change how they were.  It became very complicated, when folks began to desire and seek the Gifts of the Spirit, and actually saw things in people, others could not see.  Without the Holy Spirit, we are often very naïve, and even blind in the midst of those who are false.  The tares, should not have been allowed, to destroy.

I would not be true to myself, if I did not hint at one thing we were not spiritual enough to do; restore those overtaken.  In these past years, it’s become quite clear, that most within the walls, are not moved or touched by such a call.  The only thing that might cause them to take notice, is if “lest ye also be tempted,” catches up with them and theirs.  What a waste.  What a sad and tragic loss; when it did not have to be that way.  Tradition and rules, trump compassion.

Our very survival, in the days ahead, totally depends, on just how much in the Spirit, we really are.  Those who genuinely have an ear to listen, are hearing this clearly; and they are preparing.  It was the Holy Ghost on Stephen, who allowed him to look toward heaven and have the face of an angel.  It was not his willpower, and not his list of talents; only the Power of the Holy Spirit of God.

If we do not follow the leading of the Spirit, we have no power; and we have no true spirituality.  Repetition, does not make us spiritual; and neither does any kind of form.  Is the unction from the Spirit, detectable?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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