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Are You Tired of Trying to Fix Yourself? — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Mitch

    Thank you for the truth of this word it has blessed me so very much if anything I would receive an A+ 100% in trying to fix me until I came to a new revelation of THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST and what that really means I am just at the beginning stage of this and understanding the true meaning of the word REST is not chilling out at a beach but BELIEVING that when JESUS SAID IT WAS FISNISHED what part have I not get understood from that word that I continue to be a rat on a wheel trying to accomplish the????? whatever???? 
    Mitch if you could please keep me in prayer I have not attended church in a few years trying to find one that is Grace based with truth far from law is non existent where I live. 
    Thank you, Sue.

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