As the Days of Noah


What is it about Noah and the fact that God said in Matthew 24:37,  “But as the days of Noah were, so also the coming of the Son of man be”?

This statement connecting Noah and the way it was [in Noah’s days] with the [way it will be at the end of this age and the coming again of Jesus Christ] does constrain us to study the meaning.

What were the days of Noah like and how does that speak today?  Are the days we are living in like Noah’s days?  If we find the answer to this question positive, then this message is a now message and very important to understand and heed.

The Matthew 24 message continues in verse 38:  “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark.  And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so also the coming of the son of man be.”

What is the main thought portrayed in the verse above which illustrates to us the condition of the people which is being referred to as most important?  Let us examine it closely:

  1. They were eating and drinking…  

This speaks about how the most important thing to the people of Noah’s day was daily life.  The food they ate and the drink they were taking in was foremost in their thoughts. Their living or life was more important to them then the things of god for sure.

It was Jesus who taught in the sermon on the mount, “Take no thought for your tomorrow, for tomorrow shall take care of itself.  Sufficient unto today is the evil thereof.”   Jesus had just told them that the real heart attitude was measured by the things that meant the most to them; He called these things treasures…  Saying where you treasure is there is where your heart is….

Jesus told them: “Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?”  (Mathew 24:25).

So the words warning about the days of Noah first said: they were preoccupied completely with life and eating etc., more than the things of the LORD.

  1. They were marrying and giving in marriage.

This was an earmark of what was going on foremost in Noah’s day, immediately before the flood.

A lot could be said about this point in the scriptures.  Marriage was an earmark of Noah’s day.  If you will think and study, you will soon discover that there was a unholy and ungodly union of marriage preceding the flood.

The scriptures tell us that the sons of god [angels] left their first estate and came to earth and took human women and had children who were giants.  This act was so alarming to the LORD.  He said: ‘I must destroy them from the face of the earth.’

Most serious indeed is it when marriage is corrupted in any way, especially when it is forbidden by God to do so.  Like I said, much could be said about this important point, but let it suffice to say:

This time in the world and in America is most alarming, when considering how marriage has been corrupted.  Not only do we see a unholy attitude about marriage, but we see a unholy and ungodly marriage taking place everyday as people of like sex are being married.  And, rumor is that women are experiencing all sort of spiritual attacks of demons concerning the sexual area of their lives.

  1. The final thing we should consider about the days of Noah and today is that Noah was the only one found to be perfect in his generations [and his family].

Somehow Noah had not been defiled within his generation and was found to be righteous.
The point made here is the exclusiveness of the righteous family.  The times before the flood and the destruction of evil was about the family.

Lately I have seen and understood that it is most important to just be a righteous family.  The thing God is looking at, is the lack of families who are righteous.

Evidently Noah and his family were righteous and put God first and were separated and lived unlike the people around them.  If they were different, then this is seen in the story when God found only them, living in this manner.

Today we have few who live righteously.  Yes, even in the days of Noah.  I am sure there were many who claimed they were righteous, yet only Noah’s family were found to be righteous.

Those who were shut out of the ark were not all just wicked and ungodly unbelievers, but in the number were those who considered themselves good people and even righteous.

This is true of today.  We see many who are not fully dedicated and who walk with one foot in the LORD’s things and one foot out in the world.

The times preceding the coming of Jesus Christ will be the tribulation.  Is it so hard to understand that these days of tribulation will be days of testing of God’s people?

The LORD told Daniel the prophet, that there was a week of years [seven years] determined or appointed upon Daniel’s people [the people of God].  In other words, the tribulation was to be a appointed week of years appointed by god to test and try His people.

Many today are looking for any way out of this testing, saying it is to be only for the world of the ungodly, but notice:

In the days of Noah, there were both wicked and ungodly people and Noah and his family [and I believe others who believed in God] alive at the same time.  The testing was not just for wicked ungodly people, but for Noah and his family as well.

Noah did build and work for some 120 years in the face of much difficulty.  He worked with a constant fear of God and the warning that there was coming a flood to destroy men.  He was told to prepare.  We understand that Noah was a preacher of righteousness which brought condemnation upon all who would not heed.  It was a long lonely road Noah walked those 120 years as many around him did not heed the message.

Is there a comparison of any of these things mentioned in the world today?  Do you see the comparison?

A final thought is that Noah did work for the saving of his immediate family and the animals. I have thought about this point lately and seen the relevance:

Today it will be most important for each person to just build and walk with God personally.  I can see that it will be very difficult just to walk righteously in these days before the coming of Jesus Christ.  Not just the world is against this righteous walk, but the professing believers all around us.

Many in the “Churches” today are living for food and drink and marrying and giving in marriage.  Things are all about living and very little concern about the evil all around.

It is noteworthy that most professing believers in Christ have all the conveniences of the world in their homes and lives.  More time is spent watching TV and engagement in the sinful worldly movies and books and entertainment than in the Bible itself, or even church.

Many today will go to church on days when it is convenient.  In other words: on days when they have no plans for amusement.  I have been a pastor and know first hand just how hard it is to get men and women to be faithful to God and the things of God.

It will be possible to have a crowd of worldly people who will come, but most of them are intermittent and come only when there is nothing personal prohibiting them to come to serve the LORD.

Many put vacations, and fun, in front of church attendance.  Is that not a part of living righteously?  Since when is it okay to not assemble together and to bond with believers in the church [which Jesus himself came to establish?].

Oh, many say, Church is not necessary for righteousness!  Well tell Jesus that and see what He says!  I have it in mind that He will say, “Since when?  Did I not say, I came to establish a Church and in that Church I gave gifts to perfect all and bring all into the unity of the faith?  Did I not say it loud enough that church was what I did establish when I trained the apostles to build my church?”

As the days of Noah were…. So today!

I suspect that it would have been hard to have a righteous and godly Church in Noah’s town.  Many would come occasionally, when food and drink and marriage issues were not in the way.

From this lesson, I find myself saying: “It is most important to be “Personally” found serving god, in spite of all around me.”  I find that in these days [like Noah’s days] it is most needful to remain righteous.  It will then be as it was to Noah….  You who do so will be in the minority and will find few who will go with you.  The rest, well, don’t count on them.

So what are you saying preacher?  Will there be many saved?  Yes, many.  But few chosen.  Many will die in the tribulation, because of the flood.  Even Jesus said: there would be 10 virgins but only 5 would be wise?

When Jesus comes will there be those living by faith or living by things?

There are most likely more points..  But as you see, this message is becoming quite long.  There will be many who will stop reading before they get here, bored and looking for more appealing subjects.  Even as it was in the days of Noah, many will have short concerns and be preoccupied with many things.  Thus they will not be expecting the end time destruction but will be thinking everything is okay and as usual!


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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