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Back to The Future! Ancient Arrows & Ancient Scrolls! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow Veronica Thank you SO much – this brings much clarity & encouragement to me. God Bless you. PTL I have been praying & involved in many assignments in Israel from 12 Sept to 15 Oct. I arrived back in Australia last night 16 Oct to flames of Fire in the sunset as we landed. Your words on 16 Oct confirmed SO much of Kingdom assignments God has had us involved with through His Feasts & then the war assignments finished on 14 Oct & flew out of Israel 15th by God’s Grace

  2. so so happy to read this prophetic Word from God through Ms. Veronica West.  Thinking about a gentlemen with red hair, and his sister has fiery red hair here in America…and I asked him,
    where did you get your red hair?  He thought a minute and said, “I think my ancestors were from Ireland…..

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